Video: Kayda & Radio3000 – Your Call | @Radio3000 @SIZEZ3RO

Radio3000 links up with Malaysian star Kayda Aziz for the cinematic and theatrical new music video for You Call. New signees to Sony Music, Radio and Kayda connect for something to keep on the airwaves this summer.¬†Watch “Your Call” below:

Malaysian rapper/singer Kayda Aziz collaborates with the California kid RADIO3000 on their break out smash single “Your Call”. The song is a modern day boy meets girl scenario with smooth vocals by Kayda, and catchy lyrics by RADIO. “Your Call” brings two people from two different worlds together on a flirtatious rollercoaster ride.

RADIO and Kayda met at a World Cup event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After sharing a mutual respect for each other’s music, the two went to the studio and created “Your Call”. Their campaign titled #Roadtoyourcall takes you on a journey from the creation of the song, creating a plan, trials and tribulations of chasing their dream, to dreams coming true with signing a major distribution deal with Sony Music. Together the rising stars have come up with a very cool unity between two very different cultures, through the power of music.


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