All About Marine Collagen – Benefits, Side Effect, Dosage &More

If you follow beauty and skincare trends, you’ve probably heard of Marine or Fish Collagen. What are some of the health advantages of consuming marine collagen powder? Continue reading to find out what the science says.

Let’s first know what collagen is! Collagen is your body’s most abundant protein. You can find it in your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, intestines, tissue, and skin. Beginning in your mid-20s, your body begins to produce less collagen as you age. A poor diet can also lower your levels. When your body produces less collagen, you may experience the following symptoms that include wrinkles, weak muscles, tight ligaments and tendons, joint pain, and gut issues.

About marine collagen

Marine collagen, also known as fish collagen, is derived from the skin of fish. It can assist you in raising your levels. You may already take collagen supplements or use collagen-containing cosmetics. People are increasingly turning to fish collagen for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the advantages of marine collagen that you should be aware of:

Improves skin health

As you age, the type I collagen in your skin weakens, resulting in visible aging signs such as saggy and wrinkly skin. Preclinical research indicates that ingesting marine collagen repairs skin collagen and elastin protein fibers and results in a significant thickening of the skin’s outer surface (epidermis).

Human studies have found that supplementing with marine collagen reduces wrinkles and improves skin hydration and firmness. Consuming Type 1 collagen can make the skin look smoother and firmer, increasing skin elasticity. Continuing to consume marine collagen will allow your skin cells to renew and repair normally.

Improves hair growth

Marine collagen supplements can help you have healthier-looking hair. This is because marine collagen allows the dermis (where skin follicles grow) to repair, which keeps hair stronger and locked in place as hair thins and weakens over time. You can take it in a variety of forms, including powder, pill, or liquid. You may also use it in the form of creams made with it.

Improves Bone Strength

Bone strength is determined not only by the quantity but also by the quality of bone tissue, which is influenced by its geometry, shape, mineral content and composition, and collagen microstructure. Marine collagen improves collagen quality in cell culture, while supplementation in animals significantly increases bone mineral density and toughness.

In cell culture, ingesting marine collagen boosts collagen synthesis and aids in mineral incorporation into the bone matrix. Furthermore, supplementing with marine collagen increases the size and mineral density of femur bones significantly.

These are a few of the benefits of taking marine collagen. At present, no official guidelines on how much collagen to take per day have been provided by health authorities. As a result, the amount of collagen you should take depends on the form you’re taking and the reason you’re taking it. You can also take the help of experts or someone who holds knowledge in this field.

Other important details

A few people have reported a bad taste in their mouth in some studies conducted, while others have reported minor bloating and digestive upset. Meanwhile, these are not typical results, and collagen is much more likely to help improve digestion than to disrupt it. However, if you have a fish allergy, you should definitely avoid marine collagen; and if you’re currently taking any medication, consult with your doctor to ensure collagen won’t interfere with its effectiveness. However, more research is needed on the same.

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