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PC games are liked and played by millions of gamers in this world because of fantastic weapons and graphics. Similarly, you will definitely like the concept of Call Of Duty: Warzone game. Basically, you will get in touch with the team members and start the battle against other enemies online in the game. As you have two different game modes from which you can easily select the desired option according to your choice. Once you select the desired option then it will take couple of seconds to select the weapons that are most important. 

Only the warzone hacks can be useful for you and allow you to remove visual hurdles like smoke, sway, Fog and Recoil that is becoming really common issue among gamers. If we talk about the Play Zones then you it will give you chance to stay live and play against other players. You just need to stay away from the toxic gas that is out of play zone, so it is better option for you to stay away from the Toxic gas and use the gas mask always. Here are some dedicated facts regarding the Warzone game and its features. 

What is the use of Gas Mask?

Once you decide to take benefits of Gas masks in the game then it can be really wonderful for you to stay live and surviving longer even when you are out of zone. In order to become invincible to the gas for a certain time, you just need to use the gas mask. This particular mask is available from the supply boxes randomly within map and also can buy one from a buy station as well. Not only this, Gas Mask can be possible to protect gamers from the Toxic gas for 10 seconds. It mostly depends on the phases and the game mostly kills a player within 15 seconds.  

Use vehicles anytime!

In the game, you will get various types of vehicles into the COD warzone game, it can be really beset for you to go anywhere in game. Instead of this, you can easily find 5 different types of game in the both Battle Royale and Plunder Mode like –

  1. ATV 
  2. SUV 
  3. Heli 
  4. Cargo Truck 
  5. Tac Rover 

Moreover, we have mentioned some of the most dedicated vehicles that are used for enjoying the gameplay, so it can be really wonderful for you. Not only this, you are not going to have any trouble with the game that can be best for enjoyment. 

Cross play!

You will get the feature of crossplay across console and the PC. Even you can easily get the game feature an unfired progression system and entire items unlocked in the Modern Warfare that will automatically carry over in the game, so you can read everything about the use of dedicated option for yourself. Nevertheless, you can try to earn cash that is important currency in the game on which you can trust on and take its benefits on daily basis. 

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