Factors That Make An Individual A Credible Witness In A Car Accident Case

Car accidents are complicated, especially when it is difficult to determine who is at fault. A credible eyewitness can support your claim and make an enormous difference in your car accident case. Every insurance company looks for ways to avoid paying damages that include attacking a witness’s credibility. It means that when you have a credible eyewitness in your case, ensure they are genuinely “credible.” 

If you are injured in a car accident in Seattle, do not wait until it is too late to seek compensation. 

Factors that make an individual a credible witness in a car accident case

The credibility of an eyewitness directly impacts the car accident lawyer’s ability to negotiate a fair settlement offer. When the fault is not apparent, the defense will more likely highlight weaknesses in the witness’s testimony, character, or recollection.

When your car accident claim depends on eyewitness testimony, you should be confident that your witness is not a liability but an asset. 

Credibility is difficult to establish and effortless for the defense to discredit. Keeping that in mind, mentioned below are some of the characteristics a  credible eyewitness should possess.

  1. No criminal history and moral character.
  2. Not a personal friend or relative.
  3. Physically and mentally healthy.
  4. Drug-free and alcohol at the time of the accident.

It is in your best welfare to find a witness who has an undistracted and clear view of the accident. Otherwise, their testimony can be discredited. 

What factors affect the witness’s credibility?

The defense can discredit eyewitnesses with particular characteristics. Here are some examples of a non-credible witnesses.

  1. A witness who did not notice the entire accident.
  2. Distracted witnesses.
  3. Witnesses who provide inconsistent accounts of the accident
  4. Witnesses who can not speak due to physical condition, age, IQ, or mental health.
  5. Witnesses who are financially interested in the case.
  6. Witnesses related to the people involved in the accident.

A non-credible will do more harm to your case than good. Sometimes, your lawyer will recommend you avoid the testimonies altogether.

It is essential to mention that a credible witness does not guarantee a positive outcome. The defense will indeed have witnesses or evidence to counter the testimony of your witness. That is why it is vital for your lawyer to vet all potential witnesses thoroughly.

Every insurance company works hard to protect their wealth, which can contradict your best interests. If you are injured in a car accident, you should not fight alone with the insurance company for your compensation.

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