Five Promising Need-To-Know Facts About Menopause

What typically erupts in your mind when you think of menopause? Is it the hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, or insomnia? Menopause is the stage that marks the end of your reproductive years, which is natural and cannot be evaded. Although menopause symptoms can sometimes be problematic, not everything is terrible about this condition. Mostly, many women aren’t afraid of menopause itself but of its dreadful symptoms. However, you have no reason to worry further since San Antonio menopause comprehensive care will relieve your symptoms effectively.

That said, as a woman, you must comprehend every detail of this stage for you to be able to combat it when the proper time arises. Here are five encouraging menopausal facts that you didn’t know.  

It marks the end of PMS and menstrual periods

Many women experience hormonal shifts that result in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in every cycle. This condition causes unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms ranging from sadness, breast irritation, pain, and tenderness. However, when you hit menopause, it means an end to hormonal fluctuations, cramps, and worrying about pads. Before you fully transition to menopause, it is critical to note that you undergo a stage known as perimenopause, where your periods can worsen for 12 years.

No more need for birth control

Every sexually active woman is engaged in specific birth control procedures at some point in life. While it’s essential to do family planning, birth controls trigger particular side effects like irregular bleeding, headaches, and weight gain. Now that you can’t get pregnant at menopause, there is no need to use birth control any longer. Moreover, every side effect you suffer while using them will disappear, and you will enjoy intimacy without fear of pregnancy.

Menopause stabilizes uterine fibroids

Close to 35 million women in the United States suffer from uterine fibroids. While the condition is benign, it can still result in uncomfortable symptoms like pain during intercourse, urinary incontinence, heavy bleeding, and lower back pain. However, when you reach menopause, uterine fibroids will typically shrink and stop growing since your estrogen levels will lower.

Menopause provides an esteemed opportunity to focus on you

If you constantly find yourself on the bottom line of your priority list, you’re doing yourself no good. Due to women’s numerous commitments, it’s no wonder most of them neglect self-care. Nevertheless, menopause coincides with the stage where your children are grown and their careers are stabilizing, so you can allocate more time to look after yourself. At menopause, many women make life adjustments that work best in transforming their lives for the better.

Menopause symptoms are temporally and controllable

Menopause symptoms don’t bring about any comfort and can impact your quality of life. Nevertheless, these symptoms aren’t permanent and can last for an average of 4-5 years.

Again, if you’re bothered by menopause symptoms, advanced treatments are available to help relieve them in the long run. You can enjoy your menopause stage stress-free with comprehensive care and lifestyle changes.

While menopause is something you must face as a woman, you have no fundamental reason to dread it. Personalized and compassionate menopause care awaits you at Aurora OB/GYN in San Antonio, Texas. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Allsup today!

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