Ford UK Invests £1 Billion

£1 billion is such a huge amount but not much for the Ford Motor Company. This gargantuan amount would be actually invested by the auto manufacturer so as to be able to develop high technologies that could greatly help out the environment. Of course, they would be using these technologies for its UK line of vehicle brands like Ford, Land Rover, Volvo, and Jaguar.

According to the company, they would be investing such a huge amount of money so as to be able to develop and build technologies that would enable them to bring out vehicles and cars that are friendly to the environment. And when these developments and engineering innovations prove to be working well and successfully, most customers would sure be able to find them in all Ford cars and trucks as well as in Ford parts like Ford Fairmont auto parts. Also, the Ford of Europe’s and the Premiere Automotive Group’s throng of vehicles has been foreseen to be able to save much on fuel and at the same time reduce emissions with the technologies that are about to be developed.

Lewis Booth further states, “Climate change is one of the greatest single challenges facing the auto industry and society today. A broad business strategy that serves all our brands is the only way we can achieve the level of improvement in emissions and fuel economy required. We are not going to introduce just one or two high profile green cars that sell in relatively low numbers and leave it at that. By pooling our engineering investment, our brands will develop a broader range of technologies.” Lewis Booth is the chairman and chief executive officer of Ford of Europe and of the Premiere Automotive Group.

All of the Ford Motor Company’s car brands would be actually focusing on a couple of areas so as to bring such a vision to reality. They would be trying to create lightweight and aluminum vehicles so as to save on weight. They would also be focusing on direct injection gasoline engines as well as new transmissions that could work out best with their goals.

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