Gambling: Let’s peep deep inside the history of Gambling

There are a lot of evidence of gambling from history and they all give proof that gambling has been existing since the beginning of mankind. People have been getting involved in some of the other sorts of betting games. Various types of lottery games have been seen to be practiced in the ancient periods. Starting from the tiles that have been found in the China in the period around 2300BC, to the ivory dice that were found in the Egypt in 1500 BC, all indicates that gambling paraphernalia belonged to the Bronze Age Greek soldiers, and it is very clear and vivid from all those evidence that the practice of gambling is as old as civilization itself. Since these games have begun, they are till now in practice. In modern days, the gambling industry is booming at a phenomenal rate. Various modern online gambling sites like Joker123etc. have become so popular that people from all age groups, both male and female are seen to gamble in sites like joker123, joker 388, etc.

Some interesting facts about the history of gambling are: 

Some old poker chips in History:

The olden days gambling were different from modern-day gambling. Everything about gambling was different, starting from the rocks, bones, and sticks that have been used as chips. Also, there are evidence of some playing cards somewhere around the 9th century AD. In around 14th century AD, the modern 52-card deck became standard.

The modern gambling: The pioneers:

By the beginning of the 18th century, the European lords have filled the gambling dens by playing like French game, Vingt etc. UN, which is known as an early form of blackjack, etc. Afterward, the British, Italians and French have developed the modern-day poker.

The beginning of the casinos:

The first-ever slot machine was known to be developed around the late 1800s. The casino had three spinning reels and five symbols. The gamblers out there quickly saw the benefits of such machines. So these machines were quickly produced in bulk. The expansion took place in the early 19th century and since these had never had to look back further.

The modern-day boom of the gambling industry:

In the modern era, with the rapid development of many software and technologies, the gambling industry has undergone a revolutionary boom. The first software that came into the markets for developing the industry was Antigua and Barbuda. Since the beginning of the digitization of the gambling industry, it has now become one of the billion-dollar industries in the markets of 2019. Nowadays, gambling has been made legal in many countries. This billion-dollar industry is now at full pace. Soon, it is expected to rise even further. The development of online gambling now enables the folks out there to play these games by merely sitting at their homes. Many future improvements like AI technology, virtual reality, and many more are expected to be incorporated in the field of the gambling industry shortly.

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