How To Help Your Kids Cope With the Death of Their Pet

Many children have family pets that they adore dearly. However, most kids are not prepared to face their pet’s passing away. During these difficult times, it is important to learn how to help children cope with a pet’s death with pet memorial gifts, understanding, among others. Here are some things that you can try to help your children grieve through their pet’s passing.

Understand Your Kid’s Needs

Each child is different, so their grieving processes might not be the same. It would be best to ask your kids directly how they want to cope with it. Some may say they want to remember their pet fondly, and embrace memories. However, other kids may want to think of happy things other than their pet.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and you can give your child some time to grieve however they wish. Whatever grieving style your child chooses to do is typically the process that is best for them.

Once they have had some time, you can help your child acknowledge the fact your pet has passed. However, you also need to remind them that their pet lived a wonderful life, and appreciated every moment spent with your kids.

Stay Honest

It is always best to stay honest with your kids and avoid lying to them. When your pet is very sick or they have already passed, it is best to tell them the truth. While it may hurt, this is a good opportunity for your kids to learn and grow. White lies can make your children feel more hurt by the situation.

Sentimental Gifts

Your child will likely want to keep the memory of their pet, especially when they are older. Offering your child pet memorial gifts to celebrate your pet’s memory is an excellent way to do that. That way, your child has a way to remember their furry friend forever.

There are many pet memorial gifts to choose from. A memorial keepsake box can house your pet’s collar, favorite toy, etc. A plaque can hold a gorgeous photo of your pet that you can display in your home. A memorial wind chime can make help your kids fondly remember your pet each time it makes noise.

Memorial Services

While it may seem quite cheesy, a memorial service helps people move on and accept their loved one’s passing. Your children may be overwhelmed with the death of their pets. Offering your child closure by holding a memorial service can help them acknowledge their pet’s life and passing.

The service will allow your child to formally and openly express their grief in a safe space. You can have your immediate family members and a few close friends over that knew your pet. Your children can write letters, draw pictures, etc. Your child may also choose to say some words that they wish to express at the service.

Helping children understand the loss of a pet is tough. You may try out any of the methods above to help your kids cope with the family pet’s death.

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