Preventing Rodents Reproduction in Your Home

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The common rat reproduces all year in the right environment. This environment allows a female rat to produce five litters per year.  A single litter has between 7 and 14 pups. Thus, under the right conditions, a female rat can produce 70 babies every year. And when a female rat is born, it can reproduce right away. Thus, the more litters and babies the bigger the infestation. 

Rodent populations can quickly get out of hand. If you fail to pay attention to signs that rodents have invaded your home, you could be overrun in no time. If you believe rodents may be reproducing in your house, contact a professional who specializes in pest control Austin right away. It is important to eliminate the infestation quickly to avoid further damage to your home, health, and wallet. 

How to Know Rodents are In Your House

Regardless of how sneaky rodents are, they leave behind some signs of their presence. These include the following:

  • Gnaw marks. The teeth of rodents are always growing. Rodents need to chew constantly to keep their teeth manageable. They tend to chew furniture, boxes, cords, doors, door frames, and anything they can find. A huge population of rodents in your house can inflict significant damage to it. 
  • Droppings. Droppings from mice are small, ovular, dark, and dry pellets. They look like sunflower seeds. Rat droppings are slightly bigger and darker. These droppings can be found near walls, base boarding, corners, and door or window frames. 
  • Strange noises. Rodents are both nocturnal. To build their nest, they burrow into walls or beneath the floors. They can be heard gnawing or burrowing through walls at night.
  • Grease marks. When rodents travel throughout your house, they stick close to the walls for guidance because they have poor eyesight. They usually leave behind greasy smears along the walls they cling nearby.

Preventing Rodents from Entering Your House

To avoid a rodent infestation, you should prevent mice and rats from getting inside your house. You can do this by regularly checking your perimeter. These pests can squeeze through small entry points, so take a look at your home’s outside perimeter. Then, repair, any crumbling brick, loose seals, and torn screens. Also, it is important to take out the garbage. Rodents are attracted to trash, so take it out regularly. And when you see signs of rodents in your home, contact a professional immediately. Keep in mind that a small infestation can quickly grow out of hand. 

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