Tips When Giving Gifts To Your Customers

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1. Don’t send the same gift to everyone

Personalizing your gifts is essential so that your customers know how much you appreciate them. Since many people have dietary restrictions, imagine what would happen if you sent an excellent Iberian ham to a vegan or a bottle of wine to someone who doesn’t drink. It would be a setback in the relationship with your customers.

If you need help, take a look at your past meeting notes or talk to your assistant for additional, specific information.

Please take advantage of your client’s moments to get to know him better and facilitate the moment of selecting a gift for him.

2. Think of something your customers will appreciate.

Developing a good relationship with customers is essential throughout the year. Let them know that you hear them when you talk to them.

This will illustrate that you have kept mental notes from personal conversations and show that you care. So when he has an accomplishment like graduating with a diploma, could you send him a congratulatory note?

3. Don’t overdo it.

Gifts and details according to be given in proportion to what your client spends on your company, and in this way, neither you nor your client will feel uncomfortable.

4. Make no mistake

Avoid promotional items like pens or notepads with your company logo on them. Even a personalized handwritten card is more genuine than these purely promotional items.

5. Take advantage of any occasion

Don’t limit gifts to the Christmas season. This will prevent your gift from disappearing into mountains of gift boxes. Giving gifts outside of this season will show your customer that you care about their business year-round and make them feel special in a time when no one else does.

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