Want to watch Best suspense movies of all time for Men? Raghavan is the best option


Most of the movies do not come from Universal Star Kamal Hassan without proper content. Director Gowtam Menon also had some history of feel good content movies. They both have huge markets in Telugu film industry too. The two men teamed up for the movie Raghavan. The story of the movie will generate suspense in frame to frame and the characterization of Kamal, Jyothika and KamaliniMukharjee are awesome.

Even though above 10 years of age, still the movie is alive with high demand in Telugu movies watch online. Recently, the movie was added in aha movies and got a good amount of views at movies on Aha. As per the digital statistics, still most of the movie lovers searching about this in Telugu movies watch online and movies on Aha. Let’s check the story, Artistes’ Performances, Technicalities, Highlights, etc of the movie before browsing for it at movies on Aha.


Raghavan (Kamal Hassan) is a proficient and savvy ACP. Some baffling men execute Raghavan’s partner AnandRaj’s (Prakash Raj) daughter. Sequential killings endure and investigations uncover that there is a sequential murderer behind these homicides.


Raghavan is driven out for New York on this official work. The remainder of the story is about how he explains the riddle behind the killings and gets hold of murderers. The movie is now available at Aha movies OTT platform and trending good in movies on Aha.

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Artistes’ Performances:

We need not to discuss about the performance of Kamal Hassan, because we know that his quality of performance is based on the character. The other lead roles Jyothika and KamaliniMukharjee played female leads and their chemistry with Kamal presented on screen is just awesome. KamaliniMukharjee’s role was limited, but the memories of her role is travelled with Kamal in most of the movie. After the main male and female leads, there is a crucial role in the movie, that is Prakash Raj’s role.  The role is limited, but the story ran on his character only.


When it comes to discussing technicalities, we should firstly discuss the screenplay and direction.  Gowtam Menon, who showed his command on filming Cop stories with stylish presentation, once again continued his legacy with Raghavan.  He presented Kamal as a typical police officer with stylish looks and limited words. 

The gripping screenplay generated curiosity in every frame. He took care to present all the actors and classy atmosphere to present frame to frame neatly.

Harris Jayaraj’s songs and background music is another asset to the movie.  The camera work elevated the action sequence and emotional scenes.


Gowtam Menon’s taking and stylish presentation.  Kamal, KamaliniMukharjee and Jyothika’s screen presence.  Action sequences are highlighted in the movie.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Kamal Hassan, KamaliniMukharjee, Jyothika, Prakash Raj, Salim Baig, MumaithKhan

Screenplay & Direction: Gowtam Menon

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Stunts: Shiva

Producers: KVV Satyanarayana


Raghavan, an emotional action drama with Gowtam Menon’s mark stylish presentation.  The audience will get very good experience with it.

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