What Are “golden teachers”? Definition, Effects, and Origins

Psilocybin, sometimes known as magic mushrooms, is one of the most well-known naturally occurring psychedelics that humans have used for thousands of years. The Golden Teacher strain is derived from the fungus PsilocybeCubensis, which has become popular among psychonauts because of its numerous health advantages.

You may find it growing in the wild in Southeast Asia, Central America, and Australia. It is also quite adaptable and can be grown in a home environment, even by a novice grower with little experience. It is, therefore, quite likely that the magic mushroom you are looking at for sale is, in fact, a psilocybecubensis strain the next time you see one advertised online or in an actual store.

Its low potency is one of the reasons for the mushroom’s increasing appeal in the workplace, and it is also one of the reasons for its popularity among students. As a result, it is suitable for practically all mushroom enthusiasts, even novices. It is one of the finest starting points for newcomers to the psychedelic realm because of its gentle nature, which decreases the likelihood of having a poor trip.

In addition, experienced psychonauts can take advantage of its various unique effects to create an unforgettable psychedelic experience. Some of the most well-known effects of the golden teachers include intensified colors, powerful emotions, visual distortion, and a feeling of lightness or giddiness.

While the effects are still present, you have the opportunity to acquire some crucial “life lessons,” just as you would from a teacher. The advantage of using this highly sought-after entheogen is that you may customize the dosage to meet your unique requirements and preferences.

If you’re looking for a moderate or epic psychedelic experience, GT shrooms may provide you with everything you want. It is possible to obtain only the medicinal advantages of marijuana while experiencing zero psychoactive side effects by microdosing the drug.

Magic mushrooms, in addition to promoting ego-dissolution, have a number of other beneficial effects, particularly on mental health. This is owing to their capacity to bind to and activate the serotonin receptor in the brain, as previously stated.

Additionally, referred to as the “happy hormone,” serotonin aids in the stabilization of our sensations of wellbeing, mood, and happiness. It has been demonstrated in scientific studies that the effect of psilocybin on the serotonin receptor may result in cognitive flexibility. This might result in improved cognitive abilities.

The recommended dose of the Golden Teacher mushroom differs from one individual to another. You must take into account your degree of expertise as a shroomer as well as your body weight while making this decision. Another crucial consideration is the desired outcome for each individual, which might be moderate, strong, or light.

With the help of the general psilocybin dose suggestion, it is easy to determine the dosage.A complete psychedelic, mystical experience may result from such large dosages, depending on your previous experience and body composition.It is possible to become disoriented in the air and not function.

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