Why Visit an Obstetrics and Gynecology Healthcare

Many women find visiting obstetrics and gynecology healthcare intimidating and uncomfortable. As a result, some women avoid these appointments altogether due to fear of stigmatization or surgery. Seeing Ob/Gyn is integral in diagnosing and treating common conditions like painful menstrual periods that can impact your overall well-being. Several established centers, including Marion Ob/Gyn Inc., help several women struggling with concerns like pregnancy and painful menstrual periods, enabling them to return to their normal life. The following are common reasons that motivate women to visit Ob/Gyn healthcare centers.


After conceiving, booking appointments with your Ob/Gyn clinic is important. Obstetricians are a crucial part of the pregnancy process. Unfortunately, most women in the USA seek medical care from different providers. If you continue to receive treatment from various doctors, you are increasing your chances of losing medical records and relationships with the provider during your pregnancy.

Breast Health Screening

Breast examinations are commonly recommended for women around 40 years. But if you have a history of the breast in your family, you should consider early exams. Receiving early exams in the USA has contributed to decreased breast cancer cases. Therefore, if you are yet to go for screening, it is high time to do so to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. If breast cancer runs in your family, you should start going for regular screening early.

Pelvic Exam

If you are above 21 years should receive pelvic exams, especially if you have vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, and pelvic pain. Moreover, if you have abnormal uterine bleeding, symptoms of vaginal discomfort, or abnormal bladder function, you should also go for a pelvic exam. Although pelvic exams are undesirable to most women, they are essential in enhancing overall health.

Birth Control

Conceiving requires a mutual understanding between each partner. As a result, an Ob/Gyn center under their specialists offers substantial expertise concerning birth control. Due to technological advancement, these centers provide new and improved options for birth control. Therefore, if you use prescription means of birth control such as IUDs, pills, vaginal rings, or a shot, you should consider having an annual visit to these clinics.

Irregular Menstruation

If you worry about your menstrual cycle, you should immediately seek medical care from an OB/GYN. Ignoring the concern can lead to reproductive complications in the future. If your periods become irregular or stop, you should inform your Ob/Gyn specialist and provide great details. The more precise you are, the more chances you have of receiving comprehensive treatment.

Painful Cramps and Sex

Experiencing pain is common, and it may be possible to tolerate it. However, if you always depend on pain relievers for cramps or when having sex, an Ob/Gyn can assist. Healthcare providers discourage being over-dependent on ibuprofen each month as it could damage your liver. Your pain could also originate from another source. Therefore, consult an OB/GYN center if you experience painful cramps and sex.

Annual visit to an Ob/Gyn clinic proves essential in promoting your quality of life. Therefore, early checkups are vital to lowering breast cancer risk, pelvic pain, painful cramps, and irregular menstruation. Your specialist can detect any underlying concern affecting your well-being via modern screening methods. If you notice something wrong and are unfamiliar with it, an Ob/Gyn can make a huge difference.

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