Why You Should Buy Commercial String Lights

String Lights

String lights are a great addition to any porch, home, or commercial area as it can bring a lot of light without having to put in more wiring and use only one of the outlets that you have making it a great and economical option. String lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses as they can be strung on an item and over items as long as they have some support in between for them to hand properly without pulling on the electrical cord themselves. The light bulbs can be found at most hardware stores and are easily replaced. When it comes to finding your string lights though there are quite a few things to consider and look at.

When you first look at string lights you are going to notice that there is a huge difference in the prices as you can get them for very cheap or they can get quite expensive. But before you go further you need to know that commercial string lights are the way to go for the majority of people because they are heavier duty than others and will last a long time. So thus it doesn’t really matter a whole lot why you want them commercial grade lights are going to protect your investment while providing more light for the area which is the goal in which you are trying to accomplish. Commercial grade string lights are going to be more expensive but the lights are going to be bigger and produce a lot more light. The other thing that you will notice right away with commercial lights is they don’t say whether they are indoor or outdoor and that is because they are made to do both and will be watertight so you can place them outside if you want to as well.

As to finding the right ones for you, there are many different models of string lights and you have to first know what you want to do with them. If they are going to be mood lighting then you want lights that are able to be dimmed down. But on the other hand, if you are trying to light a patio or anything where there needs to be a significant amount of light or if it is going to be the primary source of light then you want it to not only belong but produce enough light. When it comes to length you can get some that link together but if you can it is best to just buy the length that you need to begin with. Commercial string lights come in much bigger lengths than traditional string lights giving you more light and less gap for the money.

After determining what you want to use the lights for then you need to pick out the kind of light in which you want as they go from the traditional light bulbs to smaller LED’s. If you are concerned about the life of the bulb and the energy that is used then the investment in the LED’s are going to be best. Not only does the LED light produce more light but it also has a bulb that will last years longer meaning that you don’t have to pull them down or get to them very often just to change the light bulbs. Overall the lights are a great way to light any area but you should pay attention to make sure that you get the lights you need.

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