5 most insane promotions in the history of poker

Promotions gear the population in a poker playhouse. Before the pass of the UIGEA act, there were several online platforms to play poker at. To attract new players, the company gave in many promotional offers for the players. Beyond being a swag thing, some promotions were insane to attract players. Some of which are listed here.

  1. Win-Mike Tyson’s house by playing poker

This promotion was weirdness in total. In 2004, the new owner who purchased Tyson’s home wanted some fun and decided to make this promotion viral. The promotion involved a reality show gaming on poker where several players would beat levels to upfront. The final round would be a four-play situation where the two players from the start would play the game between Morocco who bought the house from Tyson and Tyson himself.

The final verdict was, the person who wins the game would win the house too. So, if it were Marrocco, he would keep the house himself, or if it were Mike Tyson, he would get his house back. However, the show never saw the light, and no reason was prevalently declared in the media too.

  1. Religion meets poker

Surprising was it when religious groups came forward to sponsor poker in the mid-2000’s. A well popular Christian merchandise vendor had planned to show some game by releasing chips for the game called as faith chips. All of the chips have writings that promoted the religion like “Jesus went ALL-IN for you,” “ROMANS,” CALL on the name of the Lord” and much more. The game went well; however, many still are unclear if the chips were for promoting the game or to prevent people from playing the game as it was considered religiously upright.

  1. Partypoker and Paris Hilton’s deal

Most of the insane poker promotions date back to the early or mid-2000s period. One such is this where a very famous female Paris Hamilton was believed to have lost her Bentley worth $200k, though it was even believed to be a rumor among some.

However, in one of the promotions, PartyPoker insisted on paying Paris Hamilton her back if she won the poker game against Mike Sexton. Though Paris was known to play poker games on the invite, she didn’t accept it, and to the best of media’s knowledge, such a match never happened. Poker is a game that can change your entire life in one play. So turn out to collect the real money and rewards at joker123.

  1. For a piece of Ivey

Full tilt poker 1.0 is a platform to play poker. During one of their promotions in 2009, the company had given the players a chance to grab and win a part of Phil Ivey at WSOP main event, precisely 6%. Two different contests were segregated, one where a one 9-player sit and go split was there, which put 5% of Ivey’s winnings in the game and another sit & go straight-up poker game where the winner was given 1% of Ivey’s winning amount.

In that year’s WSOP, Ivey won the 7th place, making the lucky winner grab a whopping $ 38000. Later it was understood that they matched the value of Ivey’s winning so he could get to say about that. joker123 is a platform where you, too, can practice, play, and win big rewards. 

  1. Win Porsche with a win in Poker

Promotions made insanely are very few in the entire history, but unique ones still stay today. This one is unique in that way. PokerStars, a platform for poker games, announced that people could trade a Porsche Cayman is there are capable of accumulating 3.1 million frequent player points in the PokerStars poker games. Several went mad about it.

It was accomplished by an Italian names Dario Minieri in the year 2007. This further rekindled the fire for some serious game points. The company even offered Aston Martian V8 if poker players were able to collect 5,000,000 player points!

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