6 Benefits of Annual Physical Exams

Annual physical exams are yearly physical assessments that your primary doctor performs. All Health Medical Group offers annual physical exam benefits like evaluating your overall health, checking your vital signs, and screening for illnesses. While most health facilities can offer treatments like fracture care or minor surgeries, they can refer you to a specialist if your condition is complex.

What happens during the annual physical exams?

During your yearly exam, your primary doctor will check your vital signs, test your blood and urine for certain diseases, and offer other treatment plans like nutrition counseling. They can also check your eyes, ears, throat, and reflexes.

The six benefits of annual physicals

The following are ways you can benefit from your yearly physical evaluations.

  1.     Screening for illnesses

One of the most significant benefits of an annual physical exam is screening for illnesses and assessing the risk of future health. Your specialist will perform different tests to evaluate your health. If you are at risk of developing certain health conditions due to genetics or environmental factors, your specialist will screen you for such illnesses.

Early screening and treatment can help prevent the progression of a disease and avoid associated complications that could occur without medical intervention.

  1.     Medication review

Whether you have a chronic illness or require ongoing treatment, you might use more than one medicine for treatment. If any of your medicines interact, making you feel unwell or uneasy, you should let your doctor know.

For example, if you use pain medications but don’t experience relief, you should talk to your specialist to adjust the dosage or change the drugs altogether.

  1.     Specialist referral

While most health facilities can take care of minor issues, sometimes, they might refer you to a specialist to get the necessary treatment. If you have pain due to nerve irritation, your primary healthcare provider might send you to a neurologist to get the best therapy.

  1.     Variety of treatment options

Annual physical exams seek to screen you for diseases, even if you don’t have visible symptoms. When you undergo these screenings, your specialist might find something that points toward something critical, like cancer. In such an instance, you have a wide variety of treatment options, unlike when you catch a disease at an advanced stage.

  1.     Maintain a healthy lifestyle

During an annual physical exam, your specialist will weigh you and check your BMI. If it is higher than the ideal number or you are overweight, they can recommend weight loss through diet and physical exercises. However, if you have a BMI of more than 35, your specialist can suggest you have medical weight loss through specific procedures to better your overall health.

  1.     Get vaccinated

Vaccinations help to prevent severe damage should you get certain diseases. Your specialist will assess your overall health and review your medical history before vaccinating you. Vaccinations will protect you if you are at a higher risk of certain diseases. 

If you are due for an annual physical exam, visit All Health Medical Group for your yearly assessment. The specialists at the center will perform necessary evaluations to ensure that you are in good health. Call or schedule your physical or virtual visit to improve your overall health. 

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