6 Golden Tips to Keep the Quality of Your New Veneers Intact

In modern days there are many cosmetic dentistry treatments that you can lean on to reclaim your smile. These treatments usually differ in procedure and the dental problems that each address. In addition to improving your smile, cosmetic dentistry also boosts the strength of your teeth, thus making you enjoy eating your favorite meals. For instance, the San Leandro veneers can help restore your smile while improving your dental functionality if you have chipped or broken teeth. Fixing the veneers usually involves a less invasive procedure that does not necessitate downtime. The following are care tips that will help keep the veneers’ quality intact once you get them.

Eat Mindfully

 Some food components, such as coffee and chocolate, can cause teeth discolorations. The stains can also occur in your newly fixed veneer, thus reducing their shiny look. Therefore, you should reduce the intake of those foodstuffs to maintain the attractiveness of the veneers. In addition, you should avoid hard foods such as candies since they can dislodge and damage the veneers.

Embrace the Oral Hygiene Practices

Some believe that once you get the veneers, you no longer need to exercise oral health measures. However, the reality is that you can still get dental problems in your encased teeth. Brush your teeth gently along the veneers at least twice daily to alleviate the remaining food. Flossing is also recommended to remove food debris between the teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach.

Use Night Guards

Some individuals suffer from bruxism which makes them grind their teeth, especially at night. With time teeth clenching triggers excessive pressure on the veneers, causing their damage. Therefore, if you have bruxism symptoms, you should wear mouthguards at night to keep the veneers in good shape.

Regular Dental Visit

How often do you visit your dentist? Frequent appointments with the dentist play a crucial role in dental health. As a general preventive rule, you should visit your dentist at least twice annually. However, the specialist may recommend other appointments with the dentist after getting the veneers. Through these visits,  your dentist checks the veneer’s condition and ensures that they are correctly fixed.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol intake has many detrimental effects on your dental health. Notably, alcohol compounds reduce the saliva flow, causing mouth dryness and increasing the vulnerability of gum complications and tooth decay. Your veneers will not make you evade those consequences. Additionally, excessive alcohol intake weakens the veneer bonding cement and increases its chances of displacement and chipping.

Adjust Your Toothpaste

Most whitening kinds of toothpaste are abrasive and can diminish the shiny appearance of the veneers. Usually, those toothpaste comprises hydrogen peroxide, which wears off the veneer surface. Therefore, if you have been using those products, you should shift to gel since they do not have abrasive ingredients.

Are you living with chipped teeth that are undermining your smile? Millions of individuals encounter accidents and dental infections that damage teeth surfaces. If you are a victim, you do not have to worry since cosmetic dentistry treatments such as veneer can offer a reliable solution. When seeking veneers, you should understand their longevity depends on how well you care for them. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the above tips to maintain the veneer treatments.

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