Advantages Of The Smart Digital Door Lock In Tourist Accommodations

An electronic lock is a tool that greatly facilitates the management of tourist accommodation. As devices were developed which automated the registration of travelers, give guests more autonomy, while facilitating control over access to the property.

In principle, they were a solution used mainly in large hotels, but more and more owners of tourist homes opt for a smart digital door lock. There are many advantages offered over traditional locks, although there are two specific aspects where they stand out.

Beef Up The Security

According to a recent research data result, 80% of the locks of the houses in Europe are outdated. This increases the chances of theft, with the two most common methods being anti-bumping and printing. These are Methods that can be done only in traditional locks.

When you sell tourist accommodation, it is vital that you offer a certain level of security to your clients. It is something simple if you have an electronic lock. You can also install it while maintaining the traditional door lock. Also, you can change the access codes whenever you want to increase security further.

You can also restrict access to certain people and specific times. Functionality that you can complement with the use of apps built for this modern technology that include pre-check-in functions.

Installation And Access

Virtually any door can house an electronic lock. Of course there are many types of smart locks, but in general, its installation is simple, and you can install it yourself, saving you many costs.

As we anticipated before, the remote control of the intelligent lock gives more independence to both the guests and the manager. The manager can provide access to clients who do not need to wait for them to enter the house if, for example, they go ahead and cannot be received immediately. The problem of “forgetting the keys” is also over. If the access is by code, and the client forgets it, the owner can send it to him or even open the door remotely.

Final Words

Still not convinced? Your tourist visitors should be well protected that should be the number one on the priority list of every tourist accommodation. Also, your visitors will be wowed by the level and flexibility of your security and would likely refer to their friends too.

So what do you say? Traditional lock or a digital door lock, which is best for you?

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