Chrome Rims 101: How They Are Made And Everything You Need To Know

When you go shopping for used Mercedes Benz wheels, you’ll find that there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to rims. Let’s start with the basic types of tire times. There are steel ones and there are aluminum alloy ones. The steel rims are basic. They work. They are strong, and they are cheap. However, they are also very heavy and they can take a toll on your car in terms of wear and fuel efficiency. They will probably affect your car’s speed as well.

Then, there are aluminum alloy wheels. Aluminum alloy wheel rims are lighter although not as strong as old-fashioned steelies. However, most cars today, especially sedans, have aluminum alloy wheels because while they are more expensive than steelies, they are not unaffordable. They are light-weight which means they can do the job without affecting your car’s fuel-efficiency, weight and speed.

Now, there are also chrome rims. Chrome rims, depending on what their base wheel is, how they were plated, and what they are plated with can cost as much as a brand new set of aluminum alloy wheels. This is because most wheels today are aluminum alloys and they can be extremely hard to plate. Steel wheels are easier to plate but who wants heavy steelies on their lightweight vehicles? As these chrome wheels are just plated, and with the low electromagnetism of aluminum, you are also bound to see imperfections in your chrome-plated rims over time.

Why chrome?

People usually choose chrome rims because of their luxury look. They are just obviously more expensive than their alloy and steel rim counterparts. Some also have their rims chrome plated for more practical purposes. If one has steel rims, the number one issue there is rusting. Some chroming methods can effectively stop oxidation of the base metals. However, chroming does not do much to lessen fatigue stress on wheels.

Why not go for chrome?

Unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money, chrome rims are not recommended. This is because you pay nearly twice the amount of money when you have your rims chrome plates. Also, unless you only want protection from oxidation, chroming does not give you extra “strength” against actual impacts like street curb crashes and such. If your base rim is aluminum alloy, your chrome plating expense will be bigger and there is a higher possibility that imperfections will appear at the chrome surface ages.

Buying used Mercedes Benz wheels

If you really like the polished finish of chrome rims, though, there is a way for you to save a bit of money. Instead of purchasing brand new rims, you could take a look at cheaper used Mercedes Benz wheels. This way, you won’t actually be spending double for the chrome-plated look. Upon finding a good set of premium used wheels, you can have these chrome plated and install them on your car. Just make sure that the used Mercedes Benz wheels you are looking at are a snug fit, or at least compatible with the car model you are primping up.

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