Europe’s Pocket Rocket: Porsche

Zooming through the highways of Europe like a rocket, the Porsche has been an icon in the car industry primarily known for its high speed capabilities and top notch reliability. Porsche also serves as a status symbol for its owners as only those in the upper echelon of society will likely have the biggest chance to own such a prestigious car.

Porsche has a colorful and meaningful in its over 100 years of existence. The first Porsche was commissioned by the provincial government Karnten, Austria on June 8 1948. The first Porsche out of production was the 356, which was developed by Professor Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche. Ferry Porsche started the company in 1947 having a goal of producing a sports car that he himself will like. The car would be based on the Volkswagen Beetle that was engineered by his father, Professor Ferdinand Porsche.

A total of 52 units of the Porsche 356 model rolled out in the original Gmund plant. As of 1950, a new plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen was producing the next batches of Porsche cars. A total of 78,000 drivers owned a 356 by 1965 when the company decided to end production of the model. Porsche introduced new models afterwards and these were also well-accepted by buyers all over the world because of their reliable and progressive technology and beautiful design.

Porsche also started its successful foray in to motorsport with the use of the 356. The first 356 with the chassis number 356.001 triumphed in its first class victory in the Innsbury City Race. Porsche is among those with the highest number of overall wins and championships. Porsche has won the Formula 1 championship three times and has 15 victories in the 24 Hours Le Mans.

The company’s Research and Development Centre in Weissach, Stuttgart is a very important part of the automotive industry. The Weisasch Centre continues to design premium sports cars and technical projects based on the philosophies of Ferry Porsche’s father. Porsche offers arguably the most comprehensive development service that extends from detail solutions to complete cars

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