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Money is an essential element meant for the fulfillment of the everyday requirements of every person. It is considered that without money there is no life. This is because; without money, one cannot even buy the things of his/her basic needs. Money plays an uncut role in the life of every person. In order to earn money, every person used to get engaged in some occupation or work. Earning money is a challenging task. There are certain situations of emergency, hen one requires money, but he/she does not have sufficient money with him/her.

IN order to make a person get rid of such situation, there are a number of popular online portals that provide their users with an opportunity of money transfer to their family or friends. These portals enable their users to make a DTH recharge, pay landline bill, gas bill, electricity bill, insurance premium, etc. also by using these portals. These portals ensure that the transactions made by these portals are 100% safe as well as secure.

Methods for online money transfer

These portals are available all the time for real time monitoring as well as for providing their valued services. One can make use of their digital wallets, UPI, etc. for instant money transfer. There are several methods for transferring money. But some of these methods are lengthy and time consuming. So, one can make choice for a flexible option and find out the most instantly responsive method of money transfer. Below mentioned are a few methods of online money transfer:

  • Digital wallets: It is believed that after demonetization of currency in the year 2016, the digital wallets have been introduced for facilitation of financial transactions. This method of transferring money is very popular and is very easy as well as convenient. It is said that after demonetization, numerous banks have introduced their own digital wallets, so as to cater the desired needs of their customers. Some of these wallets include Paytm wallet, Oxigen wallet, etc.
  • Unified Payments interface: This is a new concept introduced by the government of India for n without even having his/her bank details.

It is said that all the above-mentioned methods of transferring money are very popular and have been designed in a way to provide flexibility as well as convenience to their users. It is said that there are a number of risk factors associated with online transfer of money, so one must be cautious enough while making an online transfer.

The introduction of the digital methods has made the process of online transfer of money simple, hassle free as well as convenient. These methods have made everyone to transfer money to anyone from anywhere and anytime. These portals are available to provide services to their users for 24×7. These methods are considered as the safest method of transferring money across the country. The prime benefit of using digital wallets for transferring money is that one can do this job, whether he/she is registered or not. These methods are very instantly responsive, and one can transfer money in just a few seconds.      

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