Trying to find the best food pairings with single malts couldn’t be easier, many thanks to our extensive overview. Scotch doesn’t need to be taken in exclusively at the bar. Some of your single malt’s ideal notes could be unlocked with an excellent food pairing. The three finest food pairings with whiskey are:

  • Steak
  • Cheese
  • Smoked salmon


Steak is among the best pairings with whiskey. With a long-standing connection, steak, as well as single malt, get along very well. Steak and bourbon are both versatile stylishly, and flavors. Various cuts are best paired with a selection of whiskies. A fattier ribeye steak can go well with a great smoky, whereas a leaner steak cut is nicely coupled with a whiskey, like single malt or double male whiskey style. Whiskies with an extra well-balanced flavor are best to pair with leaner cuts.


Cheese, as well as whiskey, are an ideal mix. What’s ideal concerning this pairing is the sheer selection of combinations you can make. 

Soft cheeses like goat or brie’s cheese require a touch of sweetness. Envision it resembles coupling the cheese with honey, it’s impressive. Pleasant, malted barley Scotches are the best fit here.

Smoked salmon

Unlike with steak, coupling a single malt with smoked salmon is a delicate as well as accurate job. The salmon has a delicate, smoky, velvety flavor. Pairing smoky, strong whiskies here would be an error. The solid flavors of the whisky would bewilder the salmon, creating an unenjoyable, as well as unappreciative experience.

A rye single malt would be best to pair here. Rye whiskies are drier and more intense than various other whiskies. A single malt Scotch would additionally be one more good suggestion. A Scotch similar to this is fragile, as well as velvety, similar to the salmon, creating the best fit to balance flavors.

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