Getting New Carpet In Your Home: What To Expect

If you’re searching for new ways to give your home a whole new look and feel without spending thousands on a costly home improvement project you can’t really afford, look no further than your floors to get that improved aesthetic you want.

That’s because carpet installation is one of the most affordable options for revitalizing any room of the home. Maybe you don’t like the way the current carpet looks anymore or perhaps you’re tired of walking across that cold hardwood in the morning, especially if it’s scratched up and faded. You might be surprised at how different any room can look with new carpeting laid down.

It sure won’t hurt your home’s resale value either, new carpet is among the most effective additions you can rely upon to increase value and bring about a pretty sizable return on investment. After all, your new carpet is an investment that you can enjoy each and every day and even profit from if and when you decide you want to sell the house down the road.

So if you’re still considering new carpet in your home, here are just some of the benefits you can expect once it’s put in.


It doesn’t matter what style or type of fiber you choose, you are going to be expected to do routine cleaning and maintenance with your carpet. That means vacuuming and, at least once a year, having it professionally cleaned by a top rated Perth carpet cleaning service.

You may have a warranty that comes with your carpet should anything happen to it and while we all know it’s important to keep carpet clean on a regular basis for your health and well-being, it’s particularly crucial for saving money as well.


You can expect your home to be a lot more comfortable after you get new carpet in your home. Gone are the days of walking across a cold wood or Formica floor on those winter mornings, now your bare feet can feel the warmth and coziness of carpet from the moment you climb out of bed.

There’s also a comforting familiarity about carpet that you’ll appreciate. Whether you go for a thick pile material or something a little thinner and subtle, carpet can make the home that much more comfortable and inviting to family and friends alike. Think about how that carpet will feel on your bare feet!

Carpet Protection

A warranty is a great way to protect your carpet. So is thorough routine cleaning. But you can also expect accidents and mistakes to happen. If you have children or pets you won’t just expect it, you can bank on it.

Stains and accidents seem to be a given for carpet owners and it’s all about how you go about preserving the look and feel of your investment. That means knowing how to clean up these messes when they occur and taking the necessary steps towards prevention.

For the former, protecting your carpet means cleaning up any mess or spill immediately. The faster you get to that mess, the less time you’re allowing for a stain to set. It’s also about HOW you clean up. Never wipe, only blot. Absorb as much of the spill as you can to keep it from absorbing into the fibers of your carpet.

If you expect a lot of foot traffic and more than a few spills to happen in the near future, you can expect to invest in a good carpet sealant to protect the carpet from stains. Many carpets come with special features like stain resistance but if you opted not for that special protectant, you may want to apply something after it’s installed. Expect at least one bad spill to hit the carpet in your first three months.

Noise Reduction

Installing carpet comes with a benefit that some homeowners don’t expect, it provides an insulator against excessive noise. Your surroundings tend to get much quieter from the din of nearby TV’s and loud stereos in other rooms, whether located upstairs or a few doors down.

Carpet is also good for muting loud footsteps throughout the house that might bang across hardwood flooring instead.

That’s one reason why many homeowners will opt for carpeting upstairs, to prevent all the commotion from echoing to the lower floors beneath. Noise reduction can be especially beneficial for homes where young children are running, playing, and even sleeping. Besides, sometimes you really want some peace and quiet in your home and carpeting can be instrumental in helping to provide that.

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