Holographic Technologies and Military Applications

Holographic Technologies for Military Applications make a lot of sense really, especially if you consider the potential for data visualization and table top holographic displays of the Net-Centric Battlespace in 4D.

In fact if you read some of the Future Fighting Force research papers and their References and Works Cited and do just a little extra Background Reading of other Research Papers or peruse the Media and surf some Internet Articles on the subject it should be relatively simple to see that this is the future. Battle Simulation and Scenarios can be played in advance so that every possible contingency can be calculated.

Holograms are a valuable tool on the battlefield itself also, consider Holographic Decoys and Deception Applications – deception tactics are extremely important in wartime. Better yet just the fact that you have these technologies makes the enemy second guess you and hesitate and the way that wars are fought now at light speed, that is an extreme advantage.

Many new soldiers are not quite prepared for the reality of war and the gruesome sights they will see, which often leave psychological and emotional scares. With Holographic Imaging the soldier can be toughened up prior to battle using hologram Virtual Reality Training and Mind Conditioning equipment.

Tele-Presence in Command and Control Communication also will be a major military application of holographic technology. Instead of mere, voice or video, specially coded holographic communication will rule the day. Military application and holographic technologies make sense for a lot of reasons and the one I like best is that we can protect the American People using Holograms as one more tool in our arsenal.

River Scott

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