Louis Roederer was established in 1776 as Dubois Perre&Fils in the French Champagne area. When Louis Roederer received the land from his uncle in 1833, it was given a new name. The biggest family-run Champagne house in the world as of right now.

Cristal is this well-known Champagne house’s hallmark champagne. Typically, the mix contains 60% ripe Pinot Noir grapes and 40% ripe Chardonnay grapes. Cristal, a vintage Champagne, is always produced using only the best vintages. In the 2010s, only the vintages from 2006, 2007, and 2009 were made available. It is also one of the Champagne bottles in the world that matures the best.

Some wine enthusiasts reside in isolated areas, making it incredibly challenging for them to obtain pricey wines like Cristal. Online purchasing has gradually begun to have an impact on the wine industry as well with the advancement of technology. Yes, consumers can now purchase wines online through a variety of websites. Online wine auctions are one of the safest ways to collect wines online, despite the fact that many people may be concerned about fraud due to the issue of the internet. If you are one of them looking for a safe online wine auction platform, Crurated is all you need!


Online wine auctions have become more and more common over the years. Buyers can make stunning selections of great wines with only a few straightforward clicks, thanks to these user-friendly services. Users can select their preferred auction format and wait for results from across the world.

Wine auctions are a fun method for retailers and customers to buy vintages that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. For buying wine online, online wine auctions are the best because of the following factors:

  • Online bidders place and/or accept bids on wine items once they have been identified by their searches. The seller will hold online wine auctions until all of the products are priced between a minimum and a predetermined maximum.
  • As new instruments for bidding and selling wine are introduced by online websites every year, wine auctions are growing in popularity. Compared to regular auctions, where bids can be placed in person and are sometimes difficult to track, wine auctions may be simpler to follow.
  • Online wine auctions are a quick, enjoyable, and extremely dependable way to get premium wines at the best prices.


Keep these suggestions in mind when you engage in any wine and spirits auction.

1. Be aware of your goals:

Be specific with your demands. Make a note of your preferred wine regions, your spending limit, and if you intend to buy more wine for your cellar or to invest in.

2. Calculate the entire cost:

A buyer’s premium, sales tax, shipping, and insurance are all included in the final cost.

3. Clarify the bottle’s provenance and condition:

Verify that the wine bottle’s origin has been tracked down by the auction house. Look at the bottle’s description before purchasing, and make sure it’s in brand-new condition.

4. Price analysis:

Do a detailed analysis of the retail sale prices as well as the selling prices of the auction items in past live and online auctions.

5. Understand when to buy and sell:

To know precisely when to bid and sell, you need to be knowledgeable about the auction market and vintage performance trends.


Online wine auctions serve as a virtual marketplace where consumers and retail establishments can sell their excess case stock and consigned wine. Online wine auctions are a wonderful choice for vendors since they are very affordable, allow immediate access, make use of built-in features like chat and bidding, have consumer traffic, and, most significantly, open up new sales channels with pre-existing B2B contacts.

Customers can purchase and sell exquisite wine worldwide on Crurated, an online auction house. Every week, our website offers free, live Internet auctions featuring a variety of premium wines. Crurated is the ultimate solution for an amazing and exciting yet safe and reliable online wine auction platform where you can get your hands on expensive and authentic wines like Cristal!

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