How cost-effective is an SEO service

Although SEO is a very effective service in bringing organic visitors to your website, however, many people are still not using it due to the price. The price of SEO is not fixed and depends on the requirement of the company and the amount of time it has been deployed for the company. SEO can cost from 500 – 1000 US dollars per month. There is just a tentative price. The real cost is only known after the requirement of the company are clear. There are many things in SEO that can increase your cost. Basic SEO has a lower price, but if you are into purchasing resources to increase the effectiveness of keywords, then it can cost you a whole lot more.

Buying Keywords for google search

Buying Keywords for google search is one of the best ways to optimize search engines, but for a price. The price of the keyword will depend on the number of times it has been searched. It also depends on the time of search and the geographical location. Less used keywords are provided at lower prices. However, if you are looking to buy a keyword that is very common among the user search, then it will cost you a lot more than buying a regular keyword. SEO services price (จ้าง seo คุ้มค่ายังไง which is the term in thai)

Sponsored ads on google search

SEO can turn out to be expensive if you are looking to post sponsored ads on google search results when a user searches for a specific keyword. In this case, your website will be highlighted separately in the sponsored column next to the normal search result. This given extra attention and focus to paid ads.

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