How Not To Injure Yourself When Using Penis Enlargers

Erectile dysfunction is an issue that plagues many men all over the world. There are many proposed solutions to it. Some work better than others for particular men. One of the more common solutions to ED is the usage of a penis head pump. It is definitely one of the better non-drug treatments available. However, you have to keep in mind that using it, without proper knowledge, can cause too many injuries. These injuries range from minor things such as discomfort to more extreme issues such as the inability to climax. The worst possible injury is the inability to sustain an erection again.

Avoiding Injury When Using Penis Enlargers

To avoid injuries when you use a penis head enlarger, you have to take note of what happens when you use it and why it works. This will help you avoid overdoing anything when you are using the device. A penis enlarger works, ideally, in a fairly simple manner.

A tube will be fitted onto the base of your penis securely with the use of a ring-shaped seal. Once the fitting is finished, the air from the tube is removed which triggers an erection. A common dilemma that people have is not being to secure the tube over the penis. To avoid this, you can use a lubricant to avoid irritation.

When removing the tube over your penis, make sure that you do so slowly. Suddenly popping off the tube can cause different injuries because of the pressure that the air vacuum creates. The blood flow of your penis will also be affected in this case.

Knowing When To Use A Penis Enlarger

Although practically anyone can use a penis head enlarger, even those that do not have ED, it is suggested that only those who have undergone prostate surgery, radiation therapy, and other procedures that might affect their ability to sustain an erection. This is to prevent the issue of sustaining an erection and mistakenly pumping the penis too much that it causes an injury with the blood flow.

Knowing When To Stop Pumping

If you have a penis head pump that runs on battery, it’ll automatically detect what’s the optimal amount of pumps before you remove the tube. This is the safest way for you to use a penis enlarger because it doesn’t require you to play a guessing game with a sensitive part of your body.

Most doctors will advise you to use an automatic pump. However, if you end up using a manual penis head pump, then it is up to your own discretion. If you have an idea of what your erection used to look like before you sustained ED, then that is the best place to start.

There are, however, men that use their penis head enlarger to go a step over the size of their penis when it is erect. While this may be an experience that enhances sexual intercourse, it is definitely not something that you should get used to because it can lead to many different injuries.

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