How Should You Design Your Marathon Medal?

The 2018 Rome Marathon Medal design contest

The routine style might not boost the enthusiasm of the entrants, particularly in the significant suit. Let’s consider various layouts and ideas from marathon medal [เหรียญวิ่งมาราธอน, which is the term in Thai]. So, we can gain from others’ strengths to balance out one’s weaknesses.

Rotating Marathon Medals

The revolving medals are utilized in the marathon. Large pandas, as well as Sichuan opera face makeup, are their symbolic indications. In order to completely combine the nationwide prize and Sichuan opera facial makeup, the designer takes the conventional activity of Sichuan opera “face transforming” as the breakthrough factor. The distinction is that two confront with such high recognition degrees are integrated into the same airplane as well as presented in the form of “favorable and negative form” as well as presented in the plane. A Sichuan opera facial makeup can develop into an innocent as well as charming huge panda, which creates a solid comparison in the medal as well as is more interesting.

  • Using natural culture as well as humanistic culture to make your running medals distinct. For example, landmark, mascot, historic numbers, etc.
  • Damaging the recognized style pattern as well as selecting rotating medals to make your running medals a lot more intriguing.

4D Running Medals

  • Making use of LED to make running medals shinier. Glitter powder, as well as Luminous powder, can additionally make medals shinier.
  • You can transform the inner design, making your items much less routine. Some switches can win a gamer’s love.


  • Embracing splicing style to make your running medals distinct when integrated.
  • Providing each stage various significance as well as creating awareness. Complete a little objective initially, after that, the concept of a large goal.

Making new ideas for marathon medals will make the event more known all around, and more and more people are going to going to come in to participate in your marathon event.

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