How to Create Looks with Striped Shirts

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There is a wide range of possibilities in terms of the options you have to combine striped shirts. Although we have already presented the basics you should know, we will also show you some of the looks that you can create yourself and inspire you a little.

Refined style with a striped shirt

This look can look great on a lot of people. We start from the striped shirt that should preferably be long-sleeved and the most basic colours possible. What we recommend is that it be with a white base and with subtle stripes in navy blue. To continue with the line of refinement, wear a jacket of the same tone as that of the strips, which will give you balance.

The pants should also be as classic as possible; here, gray and beige can be your best allies. For a more refined touch, look for high-waisted pants, this will make your legs longer and make you look much better. As for the shoes, brown leather ones in a dark tone will complete the look.

Casual look with a striped shirt

The best thing about this type of casual looks is that you surely have each of the elements in your wardrobe, you have to combine them very well. You will start from the striped shirt, or a custom polos, again this can be with a white base, and you can choose navy blue or black stripes. Black will be a bit more elegant if that’s what you’re looking for.

The perfect pants, in this case, will be one to wear with a medium size, the colour should be the same as you have chosen for the stripes on the shirt. As this is a casual look, what we recommend is that you wear the shirt with two loose buttons, this will give you a more relaxed style, just like the sleeves, these do not close them at the cuffs, put them up a little to your forearms.

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