Little legend (Ll) characters in TFT mode

Little Legends are the newest addition to characters in League of Legends. They will be represented as an avatar to player account with lots of expressive actions inTFT’s and will support you on in fights. TFT is a social game, and Little Legends will support interactions with other players. Your Little Legend will run and compete with the  opponents, dab after a close victory, and will show a deressing reaction on losing. These characters have been designed to be very expressive and have a lot of expressions that they can show. These characters also evolve and grow as per your gameplay.

Types of Little legends (Ll)

Six different types of little legends have been introduced so far in the game, each with having skills, expressions, and personalities: Silver wing, Fury horn, Rune spirit, Haunting, Mole diver, and Feather Knight. Lol is also offering a little legend egg an offering. These little legends can be easily purchased from the store.

Variants of Little Legends

There are many rare items int e TFT mode of LOL, the game mode launches six variants of each species to make different levels of characters. These variants can be achieved by upgrading the current variant or by getting it from the shop as a reward The categories are Base, Rare, Epic and Legendary. With the introduction of such rare character, Lol has seen a large number of new players. The new players have also been using elo boost to gain a competitive advantage in the fights. For more details on TFT boosting, you can visit the Boosteria company

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