Make Every Mother’s Day Memorable

50 best Mother's Day gifts that any mom will love in 2021

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Have you settled on a gift for your mother? As special as the day is, you may be overwhelmed by the process of getting your mother the perfect gift. Mixbook allows you to tell a unique story through pictures from over the years in a beautiful way. The photo book maker is available through your phone and computer. This piece highlights how to make Mother’s Day special for every woman in your life.

Five Tips for the Best Mother’s Day Photo Books

1.      Include a month-by-month collection

You should seek family photos and pics of your mom from the previous year(s) before the big day. Sort the pictures in folders to save you time in later stages. For the first time, you may try a collection of your photos from previous years divided into sections of seasons, months, or events.

2.      Use a template

Designing a photo book from scratch is time-consuming, and may become frustrating. Mixbook grants you access to various collections from renowned designers like Martha Stewart. Select a template for your photo book and follow easy prompts to upload photos, add collages, change page orders, and add texts, graphics, backgrounds, and stickers. Top templates for your Mother’s Day photo books include:

§  10 Things We Love About Grandma

§  10 Things We Love About Mom

§  Abstract Family Book by Martha Stewart

§  Hand-Painted Mother’s Day

§  Kids Photo Book by Martha Stewart

§  Modern Minimal Mother’s Day

§  Mother’s Day Photo Book by Martha Stewart

§  Personalized Mother’s Day Book

§  Recipe Photo Book by Martha Stewart

§  Soft sophisticated Mother’s Day

3.      Highlight special events

You may need extra pages for special events that you always look back upon. Seek out more photos of your first day in school, birthdays, graduations, vacations, and family events, ensuring that the recipient is in each. Toggle between page layouts to make the creation more fun and the product more unique. You may also add notable titles and captions to special photos and sections.

4.      Add a personal touch to each page

Mixbook creations can be customized to deliver a reflection of your fashion, tastes, and preferences and that of your recipient. If possible, include captions and quotes from your mother and others within the frame. You may ask friends and family to add comments about your mom to ensure that all are involved in making the book.

5.      Include a top 10/20 list

You may dedicate the final section to highlight ten or twenty of the best memories. You may include milestones, funny moments, family events, and your mom’s favorites. You may also add photos of your siblings, relatives, family friends, associates, and family pets.

Final Thoughts

For the best photo book, you should preserve special memories in photos. Mixbook delivers your complete book within the shortest time possible. You may deliver the book as part of your gift to your mom for the special day ahead.

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