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Rose is an Ornamental plant that is used for different occasions because of its beauty and fragrance. You don’t need to be told that Rose flowers stand out and symbolize love and beauty. This existence of the rose flower can be traced back to over 35 million years back and it has been going almost with the existence of humanity is we have adopted it as an ornamental plant with a branch of horticulture that breeds and grow the plant. Rose flower is very beautiful and can con in different colors, the red rose and the pink, the orange and white, yellow rose with red rose to be the most common and popular type but some people use the pink rose because it’s a represent grace, elegance, admiration, and joyfulness, while the Yellow is a symbol of friendship with feelings of warmth and happiness and the Orange roses mean desire, enthusiasm, and passionate romance. But traditionally, most people generally adopt Rose flowers for romance and weddings florist Houstonbut they have adopted their use in a more broad spectrum as their colors and Arrangements connote different meanings like the White Rose which is a symbol of innocence, purity, honor, and reverence. In some parts of the world, it depicts royalty amongst flowers shop Houston TX or in horticulture because of its outstanding look, fragrance, beauty. Apart from the traditional rose flower that we know, efforts have been made in developing a variety of this beauty. On your special occasion for your loved ones, a bouquet of roses is a classic gift for practically any occasion as their different colors and Arrangements fit into almost every occasion. So if you want to send that perfect romantic love to your loved ones, just send a rose as a perfect symbol. The use of rose in aesthetics can not be over-emphasized as it goes beyond its primary use in ornamental decorations, its distinct scent inspires perfumes, cosmetics, and room fresheners and some companies have developed cosmetics and air fresheners that takes after the rose. In cosmetics, technology has been used to extract oils from the petals of rose flower heads, which are one way to harness the rose fragrance and it has also been used in traditional medicine as it has been proven to have medicinal value.

Bouqs Monthly Rose Subscription

The bouq monthly Rose Subscription starts from $40 with a weekly monthly and annual subscription plan, and you can get up to 25% discount using this platform. The Bouqs rose subscription comes in 3 size options Original: $40, Deluxe: $52, and Grand: $65.

FLOWERBX Monthly Rose Subscription

This is a luxury subscription plan that has a minimum Subscription of $95, offering you a mix of classic and premium rose subscription plans with prices ranging from $95 up to $145 per delivery.

H Bloom Rose Subscription

This gives you a timeless and classical flower arrangement, with a minimum Subscription rate of $75.

Farmgirl Flowers Rose Subscription

This is a modern creative Arrangement with a subscription plan of about $59 per delivery but can ever be $100 depending on the Bouquet.

UrbanStems Monthly Rose Subscription

The UrbanStems Monthly Rose Subscription starts as low as $50 but offers 10% off their classic and seasonal subscription plans while 15% off luxury subscriptions.

  1. Classic Plan; for this plan, you will pay $55 per delivery which includes a glass vase.
  • Seasonal Plan; goes for $75 per delivery with a glass vase included and handpicked floral arrangements.
  • Luxe Plan; which goes for $105 per delivery with curated vase with each delivery.

BloomsyBox Monthly Rose Subscription

This rose flower Subscription starts from $45 and has a monthly and annual subscription plan.

  1. The Original Plan: With this plan, you will pay $44.99 per month to get the best rose flowers.
  • The Deluxe Plan: You have to pay $49.99 per month to get larger arrangements and a wider selection of premium flowers.
  • The Premium Plan: Pay $54.99 per month to get the big daddy, featuring luxury and exotic stems.

Enjoy Flowers Rose Subscription

This subscription starts from $44 with a weekly, monthly, and annual subscription plan.

  1. The Signature Collection Plan: This subscription plan goes for $53 per delivery and it includes stylish arrangements, roses, lilies, calla lilies, peonies, etc.
  • The Farm Fresh Collection Plan: You can start with $44 to subscribe to get roses, carnations, Matsumoto, etc.
  • The DIY Collection Plan: Subscribe $44 to receive the best stems ready to be arranged at home for you.
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