Prolozone Therapy for Pain Management

ProlOzone Therapy in Pune | The Prolotherapy ClinicPain notifies the brain of an injury or infection, but it might cause discomfort for a patient. Thus, in addition to treating health conditions, your doctor will recommend pain management to alleviate the discomfort. Traditional pain management techniques might not always treat the pain as desired. Thus, you can go for Prolozone therapy Salt Lake City, a regenerative pain management technique. Prolozone therapy uses ozone gas and collagen-producing substances to deal with injuries and pain. The ozone contains oxygen which can stimulate the body’s natural healing process. These are reasons to go for Prolozone therapy to ease pain and injuries.

It Treats an Array of Health Conditions

During the Prolozone therapy, the doctor injects the collagen-producing substances and ozone mixture into specific body parts to promote healing. The Prolozone therapy is regenerative and will treat degenerated spinal discs, chronic back pain, rotator cuff injury, and osteoarthritis. It is a homeopathic remedy for chronic musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Your doctor will inject the Prolozone medications directly into the specific areas as it has a high success rate in dealing the injuries and pain. It is an alternative treatment for heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, dental issues, and macular degeneration.

It Deals With Pain And Inflammation

Prolozone therapy treats pain and inflammation in the joints and other body parts, as it increases the blood flow to the joints, thus improving the health of the ligaments. The ligament bands connect the bones to other bones and have many nerve endings. The injury to the ligaments results in the damage of nerve endings leading to pain and inflammation. The damage of the ligaments leads to declining elasticity, affecting blood flow to the nerve endings. The lack of blood in the damaged tissues reduces nutrient supply and hydration, thus leading to painful inflammation. Therefore, you can increase blood flow to the damaged ligaments with Prolozone therapy. The increased blood supply will heal the damage, increase the motion of the joint and lessen pain and inflammation.

Fewer Treatment Sessions

Although you might not reap the benefits of Prolozone therapy with a single injection, you will need fewer treatment sessions. It requires fewer needle insertions per session, thus reducing the side effects. If you don’t treat the underlying issues, you may need several epidural injections to deal with chronic pain. However, Prolozone therapy is regenerative medicine and will repair the damaged ligaments.

It Increases the Growth If Cartilage

Prolozone therapy increases the growth of the cartilage as it increases blood supply to the injured site. The injection contains collagen, a connective tissue that can repair damaged ligament bands. It increases blood supply and hydration to the nerve endings resulting in proper pain management

It Has a Few Side Effects

The injection has few side effects, as synthetic collagen repairs damaged tissues. You will feel pain at the injection site that subsides quickly. Additionally, Prolozone therapy is a less costly treatment as it leads to the regeneration of body cells and tissues.


Prolozone therapy regenerates cells and tissues and can alleviate pain and inflammation on an injury site. It treats various health issues, such as degenerative spinal discs and chronic back and joint pain. Your doctor will inject the Prolozone medications directly into an injury site, such as the joints or spine. The damage to the ligaments which connect bones on the joint can result in chronic pain and inflammation. The damage cuts blood and oxygen supply to the nerve endings, but the injection regenerates the damaged ligaments improving the blood supply to the nerve endings.

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