Steps To Sell A Vehicle

When we decide to put our truck on sale we have several options to do it: sell it to dealers or to companies that sell second handed trucks (ขาย รถ บรรทุก มือ สอง, which is the term in Thai), being the fastest and simplest options, or choose to transfer it to a private individual. If the latter has been our decision, it will be necessary to carry out a preliminary market analysis to be able to set a fair price and examine if it is the best time, as well as establish a strategy to make the sale a success. What are the best steps to follow?

Study The Buying And Selling Market

The first point is to study what other vehicle options with similar characteristics to ours exist in the buying and selling market to compete with them. We have to mark a fair price, highlighting the strengths of our vehicle and adding elements that allow us to differentiate ourselves in a sector where competition is very high.

Think Of The Buyer

It is necessary to analyze the buyer, their wishes and preferences. Also, we must take into account the population segment to which our car is destined.  In general, buyers will give value to issues such as the condition of the tires, that the vehicle is ready and with daily maintenance, in addition to having the typical elements of wear replaced.

Set A Sale Price

Once we know the market, and according to the conditions of our vehicle, we can determine an appropriate and fair price. For this we have several options:

  • Search in magazines and websites that have price tables of second hand trucks (รถ บรรทุก มือ สอง, which is the term in Thai)
  • Consider the prices requested by other sellers for similar vehicles. On you can find out
  • Go to an appraiser

Commissioning And Improvements

The main thing to make a good impression and have a more exceptional guarantee of success is to make sure that our vehicle is in the best conditions, being advised to take it to the mechanical workshop for a review and accurate breakdowns and dents. If the cost of correcting these defects does not compensate, an adjustment in the price or reduction to the buyer could be made.

At no time should the vehicle defects be hidden or made up, in addition to not being an ethical action, the Law indicates that the seller is responsible for the hidden defects that the vehicle may present up to six months after the date of sale.

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