The 5 Most Effective Tips for Sports-Related Shoulder Injuries

Your shoulders are critical in helping you complete your daily tasks and lead a quality life. Shoulder injuries are common due to overuse or injuries. Your shoulder injuries are higher when you are an athlete involved in contact sports. Fortunately, shoulder injuries can be avoided with the right preventative measures. The Scottsdale shockwave therapy specialists can help assess your shoulder injury risk factors and guide you in avoiding the problem. There are several ways you can enjoy your favorite activities while you protect your shoulders and avoid juries where necessary. See the following tips for enlightenment.

Rest and Rehab

Taking a day off from your favorite activities and sports does not mean you do not love it. Some people underestimate a day off, but medical specialists know better. Taking breaks from activities like golf, soccer, football, field events, tennis, swimming, volleyball, baseball, and softball can help protect your shoulders. Such activities cause frequent overhead shoulder movements increasing your chances of complications. Ensure that you take some time off, rest, and ice your shoulders to relieve stress and decrease the chances of inflammation or pain.


Stretching is critical in avoiding shoulder injuries. Stretching your muscles before engaging in your activities can help you achieve more flexibility and a greater range of motion. Talk to your doctor to understand the right stretches to benefit your shoulders. Often interlock your fingers diagonally from behind your back, pointing your elbow upward. It boosts your shoulder flexibility to avoid straining during your sporting activity. Remember to do other stretches as well as instructed by your doctor.

Understand Your Body Mechanics

Poor mechanics also contributes to multiple cases of shoulder injuries. Remember that every movement you make with your shoulders must be in alignment with other joints in your body. Ensure you learn better movements based on your sporting activity. Master all the movements you need for every action, such as an overhead throw. Any improper movement when your shoulder rotates can injure your tissue, causing inflammation. Ensure you train with a qualified and experienced coach who understands the necessary movements you need to make to complete a certain action involving the shoulders.

Strengthen Your Shoulder Muscles

Your shoulder joint comprises soft tissue, including tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Strengthening these tissues helps maintain your shoulder joint stability and limits injury chances. Exercises like lat pull-downs, dumbbells, resistance bands, and seated rowing can help you strengthen your shoulder. Work with your doctor to incorporate shoulder strengthening exercises into your daily workout routine. The exercises have the added advantage of helping you perform better and excel in the field.

Maintain Good Posture

Many shoulder injuries are also attributed to poor posture during sports or at rest. Depending on the nature of your daily activities, it is critical to protect your shoulders by maintaining the right posture. Activities demanding too long sitting or standing can increase your chances of shoulder injuries. Remember that gravity will cause your head and neck to rest on your shoulder. The space between your shoulders decreases over time, restricting the movement of your ligaments, muscles, and cartilage. The crucial components of your shoulder joint can become damaged over time. Ensure you follow your provider’s instructions carefully on maintaining proper shoulder posture.

Shoulder injuries are common but preventable with these tips. Contact the Upper Extremity Specialists today if you have existing shoulder injuries or you need to learn how to lower your risks in the future. Make a call or click online for your consultation appointment booking.

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