The Complete Guide To The Process Of Detox to Rehab

Depending on the drug you’re addicted to and how long you’ve been using it, the duration of your Detox to Rehab will vary.

Evaluation of the Medical Condition

Addictions to drugs, alcohol, and other substances are bad for your health in general. Physical exams, lab testing, and questions about your prior drug use are all part of the process. The most crucial thing you can do is be absolutely honest about your addiction, no matter how difficult it may be. 

Initiate Detox

Finally, your detoxification process will get underway. You may be prescribed certain medicine, but others will be administered at a later date. If you’re in an outpatient treatment, you’ll either return home or begin the process of adjusting to life in the rehabilitation facility at this point in time.

Eating Right for Good Health

For a long time, your body has been deprived of a number of essential nutrients, and it will take a healthy diet to return to feeling like yourself again. Vitamins prescribed by your doctor may be taken in addition to the meals you eat. For the first several days or weeks, eating anything may be difficult. Over time, your hunger will return if you drink juice and eat when you can.


  • You’ll be able to return to normal programming as soon as you’re feeling good enough to do so. Group therapy sessions, holistic healing activities such as yoga, 12-step groups, and leisure activities are all examples of this.
  • As part of your detox, you’ll meet with a counsellor or doctor on a regular basis to make sure everything is going well. During these sessions, don’t be scared to raise any issues you have. They will use your comments to ensure that your detox is going as planned.
  • While in detox, you may have begun therapy. A thorough treatment regimen is now in place, either in the facility you’re presently in or a new one.
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