The Trio from Dufftown, Glen Ord, and Glendullan made it big

Singleton, best for Cocktail

Not to follow the older man’s way of drinking the single malt from the Scottish distilleries of Dufftown, Glen Ord, and Glendullan The fresh crystal-clear water around Scotland, the barley fields, and the cask from the south of Scotland made the production of the Singleton possible in Scottish Highland. These distilleries of Glen Ord produce single malt scotch whisky on the Black Isle, and they are 12, 15, and 18 years old. The oldest distillery of Singleton is Dufftown in Scotland, and this place is the heart of malt whisky. They produce every drop of it with love and care so that every sip ensures pleasure at the highest level.  

Method of drinking

The smoothness of the drink will allow the drinker to drink it neat, strong, or just on the rocks. The fruity, nutty, and cask smell of bourbon adds ultimate pleasure with each sip of it. But if the party is on cocktails, then Singleton would be best if the drink’s base is whisky. It goes very well with juice, sparkling water, ginger, and lime. If you are thinking of starting your drink with a glass of whisky, then Singleton would be the best choice because nothing can go wrong with this brand. Little soda and ice with the drink are apt to take away the day-long stress. Visit our website to know more about the drink and innovative ways to make the malt whiskey better.

Enjoyed globally

The three distilleries of Scotland are dedicated to producing malt whisky and catering to the entire world by exporting them. Singleton of Glendullan is sweet and spicy yet chewy and vibrant. It has a deep smell of violet and a mix of bitter and sweet. Once the drink goes through the mouth, there is a fresh feeling with warmth, power, and a drying effect. The taste of Glen Ord is restrictive and thin. There is a taste of milk chocolate, honey, and flower. The finish is short and thin. Don’t be surprised if you find a creamy effect in your mouth. So yes, while making the Cocktail, it is important to know the taste of each brand of Singleton.

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