Tips for Buying a Diamond Pendant

When positioned around the neck, the diamond pendant (จี้ เพชร, which is the term in Thai) you choose will be seen in all its beauty. So  esure that you get the best possible stone that your budget will provide you.

These questions will help you choose the best Diamond pendant:

Which Metal is Most Appropriate for the Chain?

If you intend to gift the pendant, keep the recipient’s style in mind when choosing the chain. If it is for someone who admires contemporary styling, white gold or even platinum chain is ideal. Paired with a diamond, this is a classic choice and is the most demand when it comes to solitaire diamond pendants today. However, if this is to be worn by someone with a more vintage taste, yellow gold offers a traditional and luxurious look.

Which Chain Length Should I Buy?

The ideal pendant chain length is 16 inches, albeit longer chains are always available. This length typically leaves the pendant resting nicely on the collarbone. Another alternative is to choose a longer chain that has jump rings. These chains consist of two rings, towards the end and set around one inch apart so that you can adjust the chain; for example from 20 inches to 18 inches, this can add a further element of versatility to the pendant.

What Should I Consider if the Pendant is Going to Be Worn Every day?

If you are planning on wearing the necklace every day, you should consider a more robust and less delicate chain that can withstand the rigors of everyday life.

What Diamond Shape Should I Go For?

The most used diamond shapes for pendants are Round, and Princess cut, albeit other styles like Pear shape can also be beautiful. The form you choose will affect the setting style. It is recommended you consider a variety of options and see which would suit you.

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