Tips for playing the rust game


Rust is the newest internet blast game that everyone is talking about. It is very true to say that; the game is not that easy to play. It is known to be tough and at the same time complicated. If you are a new player, you can take weeks just to learn a few basics about the game. Players who are used to playing the game for years can still fail to be perfect on it. to play rust well, you need a few tips and tricks that can help you navigate and even move to the next level of the game. Below are some useful tips for you

Use of game hacks and cheats

As I have already said, rust game is not that easy. It can take you up to years for you to master the game. That means you will have used so much money just to understand the game. That is why so many people are now using rust cheats. These cheats are known for unlocking special characters in the game and special features that can help you stay on top of the game. Apart from that, you will not need to use any single cent when you use rust cheats. You will enjoy the game, go through all the levels successfully and become victorious through the game hacks. This has become the most famous trick that many people are using these days.

Base building

Everyone has an equal chance when it comes to rust game. If you are not considering rust cheats, you should know how to navigate through the game. Therefore, by right-clicking with the hammer, you will be able to flip the doors that are facing the wrong direction. To get scrap, you have to build near monuments. When you do that, expect to be raided. To build safely, you can do that in caves and snow. The furnace can be used as stairs.

How to gather resources

Move randomly when you are looking. To get animal fats, you have to kill animals such as a bear, boar, deer, a horse, a wolf and finally human beings. Each kill will give you a certain number of points. There are items that you can recycle to get the needed resources. Some of the items include sheet metal, code lock and metal trap among other things.

How weapons and armor works in the game

Armor in the game only works by region. It is useful but cannot offer you total protection. You can use a helmet to protect yourself but if it is only 10% protective, it means that the protection is only for your head.

The game misc

It is possible to kills yourself or would yourself. when you press F1, there is a possibility that you will kill yourself. clicking F1 and typing wound will mean that you are wounding yourself. this is always a better idea and trick to lure people into a trap. When you are in and about, you can consider sleeping underwater safely.

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