Tree Accent Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard

When it comes to landscape lighting, the best ideas are usually the ones that come about from experimentation. What works with one tree may not be as successful with another and vice versa. Placing certain fixtures and beam spreads at different locations around a tree or the property itself can bring you multiple results, some better than others. 

So it might require you to try out a few configurations before you get the one that fits your backyard best. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we understand how important landscape lighting can be for the curb appeal and security of your home. In some instances, you may want to highlight the trunk more than the branches. In other instances, you might want to spotlight one side of the tree instead of placing light at multiple points. 

The size and the height of the trees in your backyard can have an impact on the accent lighting you choose to use and that, in turn, can create a variety of aesthetic choices when it comes to how you illuminate them and the rest of the property as well. 

Check out some of these tree accent lighting ideas for your backyard to give you some inspiration. 


What’s good about uplighting a tree is that you can brighten your backyard while enhancing the natural features of the tree, from the trunk to the foliage, for a dramatic flair. To do this you’re going to plant your lights beneath the tree you wish to accent. 

The size of the tree will have different effects, tall and thin trees can appear more vivid and striking, while wider and larger trees will have a greater bulk that can provide a unique gleam throughout the entire backyard. 


Some backyards have that one or two special trees that you want to make the focal point of your property. You can use a couple of fixtures to highlight the best parts of the tree at different points. This is where you’ll need to try out a few different locations, so you can really capture the most impressive and unique aspects. 

But one thing to keep in mind are any neighboring windows that you might disturb with your fixtures. Be very cognizant about shining your lights into someone’s home, you don’t want to cause a stir across property lines. Should you have a tree you wish to highlight that is located near a neighboring home, you might want to attempt an up-lighting scheme instead. 

Silhouette Lighting

Trees that are located in close proximity to your home can benefit from silhouette lighting. Using a bright light on the tree can throw a shadow across your home’s exterior providing a stark effect or a soft one, all depending on the brightness of the light and the spread you choose to use. 

This type of lighting is also ideal for bringing added security for the backyard as this form of lighting can illuminate your property so as to thwart any unwanted guests from attempting to enter uninvited. 

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