Ultimate Planning Checklist To Guarantee An Awesome Office Party

Having an office job can really be too taxing at times. Beating deadlines, doing routinary tasks, dealing with all the dramas that come with working with people from different generations and upbringings. Who doesn’t want to escape from this situation every once in a while?

Throwing an office party is one great way to do so. But what does it take to have an awesome one? Booking a trendy venue? Getting the best office party catering in town? Staging the most exciting games — and giving stellar prizes? In this feature, we’re giving you the ultimate planning checklist to help you host a memorable and fun-filled party for your officemates!

Party planning committee. This is the team you need to establish first when you’re planning to have an office party because, obviously, you can’t and shouldn’t do things on your own.

Type of event. Is your event a holiday party or the usual evening party with colleagues? What is the main goal of your event (there has to be one!)? Determine this and plan details accordingly.

Theme.The basic tip to make an awesome party? Set a theme! You can even run a poll from your colleagues to know their pulse about the themes they’d enjoy participating in.

Budget. From the venue to the invites to be sent out to the office party catering who’ll provide your food and beverages, you need to allocate a budget for a lot of things. Make sure to do it wisely and have it approved by your higher-ups.

Date and time. Set an appropriate date and time for your party. You wouldn’t want it to happen while you’re finishing a big project, or when you need to work the following day, right?

Venue. You also need to secure a venue that’s accessible to many of your officemates. Consider the space and how many your attendees are. Don’t forget to book a supplier that will decorate your venue accordingly.

Invitations. Be inclusive in making your guest list and try to get everyone to respond “Yes” with the best of your team’s ability. Don’t forget to send out invitations early (at least a month in advance) and tell the details about the event — time, date, venue, attire they need to wear.

Caterer. Office party catering companies need to be booked in advance because of high demand. Doing so will also give you a more budget-friendly rate. When meeting the caterer, communicate well the details of your event, your desired menu and for how many.

Entertainment. What’s a party without music? Make sure this one is secured. Also, don’t forget to prepare games, ice breakers, and fun-filled yet meaningful activities. Prizes or special raffles are also needed.

Event program. A party is still an event, and as such, it needs to follow a certain sequence. Prepare this beforehand and ensure to highlight whatever is the main goal of your event.

Documentation. Keep your precious moments documented and hire a photography team for this one. It’s highly recommended to have a photo booth where you can play around with awesome props.

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River Scott

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