Understanding the Benefits You Can Get From PRP Therapy

Injuries are painful and interfere with your ability to perform many activities. You may be going through a slow and painful recovery process, making it more difficult to function properly. Do not go through all that pain alone because New Brunswick PRP Therapy has what you need to speed up your treatment. PRP therapy uses your blood to draw out natural healing components that help you heal from multiple injuries. You can learn more about the benefits you can gain when you settle on this treatment option.

Addressing Multiple Conditions

Your doctor can recommend PRP treatment because of its ability to take care of more than one medical condition. You can benefit from this treatment if you have tendon injuries that heal slowly yet cause a lot of pain. Your doctor will administer a PRP injection, especially for chronic tendon conditions like Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, and jumper’s knee. Also, you may get PRP injections if you have osteoarthritis, acute sports injuries that include knee sprains and strains, and rotator cuff injuries. However, your doctor may only recommend treatment with PRP for these multiple conditions if you have been on conservative treatments and they still fail.

Speeding Up the Process of Recovery

Your body can heal itself after an injury to the tissue. However, you may experience a slow healing process because of poor circulation, growth factors, and an inadequate supply of proteins for healing. Your doctor may recommend PRP treatment therapy to speed up this process because PRP has a rich concentration of healing components. Your doctor draws your blood and then filters out platelets that they inject into your damaged tissues.

Minimally Invasive Form of Treatment

After an injury, you may have an increased risk of undergoing surgery. However, PRP may reduce the need for any surgical procedure. Your doctor will administer the PRP injection and then allow your body time to begin tissue healing from the inside. As healing continues, you may be lucky to avoid surgery in the long run. You may require more than one injection of PRP before your tissues can heal completely.

Durable Results

After your PRP injection, you will notice reduced inflammation and improved symptoms. The injections work up to the cellular level to ensure complete healing. Since this therapy will address the exact cause of your pain, your treatment results tend to last for several months.

Reduced Risk of Side Effects

Since the treatment involves injecting your blood into your body, you may have few side effects. However, you will notice swelling and inflammation after treatment, but they are part of your recovery process. You may need to avoid anti-inflammatories before PRP injections.

Learn more about the benefits you stand to gain from a PRP injection at Pain & Anesthesia Care. Your doctor will explain to you how the treatment goes and allow you to ask questions if you have any. PRP injections are safe, and you will notice gradual improvements after a few weeks of treatment. Visit the website and hit the request now tab to make your online appointment.

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