As the social media phenomenon grows stronger every day. There has been a certain amount of backlash too because many people are opting to drop out of some or all platforms. This happens because of different reasons but one of the most important to consider is the fact that with millions of video streams and images available it is easy to find a negative aspect to the content that is being constantly posted. Social media platform if not regulated can become rather exhausting.

But things can change for the better with minimal compromises and proper awareness. It requires some genuine and conscious effort to force out the more positive aspects of social media platforms.


Methods of Eradicating the negative and bringing out content that is a positive influence for the mental state of the views

  1. Facebook: it is giant in its own networking abilities. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that every individual at least has one Facebook account. It is an unquestionable platform for sharing images and other content with friends or on a global platform. A very simple to avoid the toxic content can be easily done by unfollowing the account that is posting such things.
  2. Instagram: a very addicting platform and one with a lot of potential to influence people. It is easy to skip the content you would prefer to avoid on Instagram.
  3. Twitter: it is comparatively difficult to skip content that is not likeable on twitter. You can apply the unfollow tip from Facebook and skip the other persistently negative content by following more and more positive influencers.

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