Wedding Planning 101: Here’s Why You Need To Consider Serving Pre-Ceremony Refreshments

When you hold your wedding, one of the last things you would want is to bore your guests. This could happen during the pre-ceremony — after your guests have registered and settled down on their seats, and they are only waiting for the event to start.

If you ask a caterer in York PA, one rising trend among couples nowadays is serving pre-ceremony refreshments. While it certainly adds some expenses, it still brings perks that you and your guests will enjoy. Here are six reasons why you need to consider serving snacks and drinks before the wedding ceremony.

It helps ease their hunger and quench their thirst. It is but natural for anyone to get hungry and thirsty. And these feelings will become especially noticeable when you are doing nothing. By serving refreshments, you can help fill in your guests’ hunger and w quench their thirst while they wait for the ceremony to begin.

It is a great way to extend your hospitality. The thing is, you’re most probably not present in the venue during the pre-ceremony. If you want to make sure your hospitality is well extended to your guests, serving some snacks and drinks can help.

It helps tone the mood to a festive degree. Like what any caterer in York PA can attest, food does play a significant role in making your guests happily satisfied. By serving refreshments during the pre-ceremony, you’re effectively setting the festive mood of your event.

It provides a buffer for the latecomers. Admit it or not, some people always come late whatever the event may be. These people may even come from your clan or group of close friends. To help give them enough time to show up, you can make the waiting time more enjoyable by serving snacks and drinks to your guests.

It allows your guests to mingle. Turn your waiting time into a wonderful avenue where your guests can mingle with one another. While refreshments can be availed, your guests can take the opportunity to exchange some greetings and start some conversations.

It offers additional photo opportunities. Your guests can also do more than just mingling during the pre-ceremony. They can make this time extra fun by taking some snaps with one another, or at the photo booth provided by your documentation supplier.

Words to Remember

When you ask a caterer in York PA to serve pre-ceremony refreshments, it’s vital to ask for a varied menu. Bear in mind that you have guests that are young and old, vegan and meat-lovers.

You must also strategically locate the food stations so that your guests can easily identify them. You can also tap your ushering team to help guide your wedding attendees.

While adding this task on your to-do list required added effort from your end, what matters is that you’re able to warmly welcome your guests to your special day. It’s also a great way to show your gratitude to them for taking their time to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you and your partner.

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