What are the different methods to pack a tall cake?

Cakes are loved by everyone and whatever occasion there is, cakes are a must. Birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, baby showers, weddings, receptions, engagements, Diwali, etc., and many such festivals and parties all require cakes. 

Cakes mark a joyous and happy day therefore nothing must go wrong with the cake. From the ingredients to the baking to the designing to the packing the delivery and the eating; it should all be perfect – just like the occasion. 

What are some of the different types of cakes?

As we have evolved, and as time has passed, bakers have introduced new types of cakes that come in all sorts of designs, shapes, and sizes. Different types of cakes are:

– Butter cake

– Genoise cake

– Fondant cakes

– 2 tier cakes

– 3 tier cakes

– Wedding cakes

– Origami cakes

There are so many that it is close to impossible to name all of the types of cakes that one can purchase. 

What are some of the different ways to pack a tall cake?

Many people these days prefer to order tall cakes because they look classy and beautiful however, many times bakers may not have a cake box that can fit a cake that big. Some of the ways to pack such a cake are: 

– One way is by using two boxes and putting them on top of the other and then stapling or taping the sides to each other. After putting the cake in the box, join both the covers so they form a roof above the cake and staple that together to hold it in place. After that, tape the side flaps to cover the cake from the side. 

– Another way is by closing the flap of the box halfway and taping the side flaps to the side. After that take cling film/ wrap or clear plastic and tape it to the front. This way the cake would also show from the front. 

The Bottom Line

Many people just prefer to order a tall box however if one doesn’t have that as an option then you can just Do it Yourself (DIY). Always remember, what is inside matters as much as the packaging. 

River Scott

Emmett River Scott: Emmett, a culture journalist, writes about arts and entertainment, pop culture trends, and celebrity news.