What Are The Different Types of Physicals?

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Do you need to see a doctor even if you are not sick? Yes, you need a yearly wellness exam to check on your overall health and ascertain that you are living a healthy life. At TCS Healthy, family and occupational medicine Roseville includes different physicals for you and your child. Your doctor will identify any health issues that may cause a potential health problem. Physicals are also a good way to raise any concerns about your health. Here is a discussion on the different types of physicals.

Individual Physicals

Your doctor will recommend a physical exam at least once every year to check on your general wellness and health. During your physical exam, you can ask your doctor about any health changes you may have noticed recently and health problems that have happened to you. Usually, your physical exam will focus on checking and treating possible diseases early, identifying potential medical issues, updating immunizations, and ensuring you maintain a healthy diet. During your physical exam, your doctor will ask about your medical history, lifestyle, and current symptoms and inspect your body for unusual marks. Your doctor will also listen to your heart and lungs to detect abnormal sounds.

Executive Physicals

You can also get annual physical exams for your company and employees to help identify health problems before symptoms begin. During an executive physical, your doctor will recommend an in-depth health evaluation, including advanced screening and imaging tests, lab tests, and specialty consultations. Your doctor will focus on checking your vascular health, heart, and cancer risk. After an executive physical, the company will know if there is a key risk person for a particular condition and how to protect your employees in case of a serious health issue.

DOT Physicals

You may require a department of transformation physicals if you are a commercial driver to ensure you are physically, emotionally, and mentally fit. DOT physicals may be essential if you carry hazardous material and drive a vehicle on the interstate with over 10,000 pounds. During your DOT physical, your doctor will ask about previous surgery, prescriptions, health issues, use of tobacco and alcohol, and any failed drug test. Your doctor will check your vital signs, hearing, general appearance, spine, gait, and nervous system. Your doctor will also check your abdomen, listen to your heart and lungs, and your joints and extremities.

At-Home Physicals

You can choose to have your physicals at home, especially if you are busy and cannot access healthcare. At-home physicals may also benefit your child by eliminating the need for a waiting room. During your home physicals, your doctor will check your vital signs and ask questions about your medical and family history. Your doctor will check your health and offer preventive care against harmful diseases and illnesses.

Physical exams are important to your health to check your general wellness and overall health. During your physicals, your doctor will identify health issues that may cause health complications in the future. You will get the necessary preventive care and treatment depending on your current symptoms. Certain physicals, like DOT physicals, aim to examine your health and ensure you can operate vehicles and heavy machines. And if you are busy, you can schedule at-home physicals at the convenience and comfort of your home while getting a health check.

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