4 Reasons to Choose Short IVF Protocols

Many people dream of getting pregnant at some point, but fertility issues may destroy this dream. In vitro fertilization gives such couples hope to hold their bundle of joy someday. While standard IVF may not always be successful, you can trust Mountain View aggressive IVF protocols to provide the best outcome.

When to consider individualized IVF protocols

In this era of personalized medicine, you have several options for stimulating your ovaries during in vitro fertilization. Each protocol focuses on achieving an optimal number of viable eggs that can result in a healthy pregnancy. Each IVF protocol, whether alternative or traditional, has a unique process and is the best for certain patients for several reasons. Your Nova Vita Wellness Centers fertility specialist may recommend personalized IVF protocol after several IVF courses have failed to give the desired outcome or when you have a condition known as low ovarian reserve. Before recommending this approach, the team evaluates your response to previous IVF cycles. They also perform several diagnostic tests, including uterine evaluation, ovarian reserve tests, preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy, and reproductive immunology testing.

In most cases, blood tests are the most trusted. But an endometrial receptivity essay provides more details about genetic concerns using a tissue sample from your uterus. Your doctor may also use the transvaginal ultrasound to perform an ovarian reserve test.

Advantages of short IVF protocol

Many IVF patients may need to learn to choose between long and short IVF protocols. The best option will rely on your unique needs and general health. The following are the advantages of the short IVF protocol:

1.                  Short protocols are friendly to your body

Long protocol IVF cycles were the standard approach decades ago; however, the side effects associated with traditional down-regulation medication can take a toll on some patients. Ideally, these medications are supposed to halt your reproductive system, which can result in unpleasant effects. Short protocols are more friendly to your physical and mental health, allowing you to go about your daily activities without feeling sick.

2.                  Short protocols are safer.

All fertility clinics take OHSS seriously, and the risks seem to be lower with short protocols. The reason is that the short, focused span of a short cycle gives your provider optimal control over the treatment. Older women and poor responders tend to fare well with these protocols, meaning their simplicity is the trump card.

3.                  Short protocols are quicker.

 IVF is a typical game of numbers. Most IVF patients have limited treatment timeframes, especially women with a limited number of eggs. A long protocol requires you to wait for at least three months before starting treatment. Short protocols allow you to begin a new cycle after a negative result.

4.                  Short protocols are easier to manage.

Before seeking IVF, it means you have tried conceiving through natural means to no avail. IVF can be stressful too, but if you can avoid unnecessary downregulation, it means you get egg retrieval quicker and with no problems. The timeframe from the first injection on this protocol to your trigger shot is often ten days, incomparable to the 5-6 weeks in long protocols.

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