Advantages Of Screen Printing Your T-Shirts

Screen printing, such as digital printing, are textile printing techniques, with very high image quality and long-lasting resistance to washing. Besides, these textile printing techniques with t shirt printing los angeles on a roll or garments (such as T-shirts), allow printing on any colour.

The main advantage of screen printing is its quality/price ratio. It is a technique with an average cost that can also be adapted to all budgets by adjusting the number of inks.

Full-Colour Printing

DTG textile printing machines work in a very similar way to a paper printer for domestic use because it allows us to print ink directly on the fabric getting stunning images in full colour.

Which means you wo n’t have to simplify the colours of your designs or remove details to make sure your print is perfect.

Easy Installation And Low Cost

All you will need to start with digital printing is your machine and a computer connected to it. You will not need screens, phytoliths or any other machine to start, the only thing you should keep in mind is the maintenance and care of your printing machine.

This translates into a technique with minimum costs and the time required for its production is also minimal. We can say that it is one of the fastest printing techniques.

No Minimum Orders

Because the preparation and configuration for this machine are barely non-existent and it is really easy to place the shirt on its stand, it makes this technique the perfect choice for a few T-shirt printing units.

Many have been the people who have valued and chosen the option of getting one of these machines to start their business of personalized shirts.

DTG is the perfect printing method if all you need is to print t-shirts for a bachelor party, make birthday parties, fundraising events or promotional items for your next marketing event. This means that it doesn’t matter what printing requirements you have since this technique can cover a wide range of needs.

Perfect For Online Sale

As digital printing on t shirt printing new York allows us to print without minimum quantity, it is the ideal solution if what you are looking for is to create your own business to sell your designs either in an online or physical store.

You will not need anything more than the designs and t-shirts on which you will have to make the impression.

This technique has no start-up costs or previous preparations -when we talk about white or light-coloured garments, for coloured garments we will need a pre-treatment-, so your brand will not need to have a high price for the public.

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