How To Care For Your Custom Bags

A leather bag is a special object that is loved, appreciated in equal measure by both sexes who care about the hand, the shiny, and the heady smell that can only emanate from the highest quality leather.

Remember, however, that leather bags are organic artifacts, and if left to themselves, they become dry and opaque. This is why the maintenance of your custom tote bags and other small accessories is so important if you want to enjoy them for as long as possible. Here’s what, starting with a glossary of terms, you need to know if you want to take care of your leather items.

Know The Skins:

  • Most leather bags are vegetable-tanned with tannin. Only drawback: vegetable leather bags can discolour and wither when wet.
  • Chrome tanned: leathers are more resistant to water, and you can recognize them on the market when it comes to “wet blue” because of their steel grey colour.
  • Full-grain is unblocked leather, to show natural “grain” of the skin or fabric.
  • Top-grain: less expensive on your finances, but this is thinner and its natural grain is made by sandblasting.
  • Leather paint: its shine is obtained with oils and resins.

How To Clean

  • The general principle is simple: remove the accumulation of dirt by cleaning it down with a cleaner made specifically for the skin in question.
  • Some bags have precious buckles or chains in chromed metal. Always ask the boutique assistant for care recommendations.
  • Give the square bag bustling with a soft dry cloth every other day this will not take more than a couple of minutes, but it will go miles to preserve your skin’s appearance.

How To Condition

  • Think of your skin that dries over time. To prevent flaking and wrinkles, it is just like this, dab a tuft of neutral moisturizer on a soft cloth and rub gently.
  • Try “ox-foot” oil, which simulates the natural oils of the skin. Leave on for 10 minutes, then clean the excess. Dry well in a ventilated area.
  • Condition every month or so to keep your leather looking better.
  • The leather is permeable and can never be completely waterproof, so as to avoid being protected in bad weather. However, there are bee waxes that act as a barrier against water.
  • Warning: beeswax can alter the hue of the dyed leather and polo shirt design, test it first on a not very evident angle.
  • A more accessible and easy to apply, but less effective alternative is a protective spray, which is practically invisible on your bags.
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