Cardboard Packaging: Cardboard Types And Models

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In today’s industry, there are many types of packaging, but the packaging that stands out for its value for money is the cardboard box.

The carton is a material that consists of several superimposed layers of paper. The paper can be made of virgin fiber, or it can also be made using recycled paper. Since it is made up of many layers, the paper is stronger, thicker and harder.

Types Of Carton For Packaging

1. Corrugated Cardboard

It is a material made up of two layers of smooth paper and an intermediate layer of corrugated or flute paper. The intermediate ripple creates greater resistance depending on the length and shape of the wave.

2. Cardboard Or Folding

Cardboard is thin and compact; it is used mainly for packaging in the food and cosmetic industries. This cardboard can be made with different grammages that will provide greater or less resistance. Due to its composition, it is mainly used for digital and four-color impressions.

3. Compact Cardboard

It is a very hard and resistant type of cardboard. It is carried out by compression of the natural or recycled cellulose fibers processed in hot and at high pressures. They are usually lined with printed paper such as boxes for mobile phones, gifts, etc.


In the world of packaging, the models can be almost infinite, but there are some standards and more popularized for the industry and transport. Below is a list of standardized box models that exist and can be found on the internet.

1. 4 flaps

These are model that we most often see in warehouses and all kinds of industries; 4 top and bottom flaps that fold up and close with tape (เทป, which is the term in Thai). There are variants with two flaps or with flaps only at one end of the box.

2. Self-Assembling

They are boxes that are stamped with shapes and slits. As a result, a plate is ready to mount according to the established shape. For example, self-assembling with built-in lid, display type, etc.

Depending on your use, products and budget, you can quickly and easily choose the packaging model that best suits your needs. The model and type of cardboard will guide you to the best printing mode in case of customizing it.

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